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March 26, 2014


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    New ATL rapper Young Thug sat down with Complex, where he explained the story behind his infamous leopard print girl’s dress.   [leadplayer_vid id=”53339147100BB”]    

Youth Story Of The Week: Smart Teen Builds App To Support Black Private School Students!

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OK, tell the truth:  Don’t you feel giddy inside whenever you see a black youth doing something amazing. This kid’s achievements make all of us feel good around here, so we thought we’d share it with our readers.  When you see a young black man doing amazing things, give him your support.  They need it. “George Hofstetter once felt isolated at a predominantly white private school. At a recent Hidden…

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: SCANDAL & SLAVE MOVIE Propaganda..

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  Esteemed psychiatrist, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, drops heavy knowledge on the controversial television series, Scandal, and the recent bombardment of “slave movies” in the media. She also addresses the harmful “silence on racism” and much more.     [leadplayer_vid id=”5333866B829E4″]

Woman Gets Pregnant by 13 year old boy

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  A woman gets pregnant by a 13 year old boy.   [leadplayer_vid id=”53338476E00B9″]


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  Funny FOX40 News Interview     [leadplayer_vid id=”5333815F12F88″]

Illiterate Detroit School Board President

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  Illiterate Detroit School Board President   [leadplayer_vid id=”53337E6F99839″]

A woman banned from the mall for 10 years for talking too loud

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This video might make you wonder if this woman was racially profiled.  How do you get banned from the mall for talking too loud?  This story seems crazy.   [leadplayer_vid id=”53337B1581687″]

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Independent Filmmaker Promotes Strong Black Love In New Movie

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Reported by Ashley Naples  It’s rare that Black filmmakers are given an opportunity to tap into Hollywood’s multi-million dollar marketing and production budgets to create a film. Fortunately due to the advancement of technology, Black filmmakers can attain financing through crowdfunding, which empowers everyone to create and take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise not exist. One person who has successfully taken on this new method of creating films without…

Judge Says Police Officer Can Be Fired For Sharing Pictures Of Rihanna’s Injury After Chris Brown Incident

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Do people have a right to privacy? How about when you’re well-known and your story makes national news? Do you still have a right to some privacy? With so many gossip magazines and television shows, it seems difficult if not impossible for people to have some sort of privacy. When singer Rihanna and Chris Brown had their domestic violence altercation, the world tuned in. Many…

Is It OK For Nick Cannon To Wear Whiteface?

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Whenever African-Americans see whites in blackface, there’s an outrage. Immediately, you’ll hear the words, ‘racist, racism, and prejudice, just to name a few. Without a doubt, the concept of seeing whites in blackface stirs up mixed emotions. These emotions can range from disbelief in silence to a violent outrage. Race and racism are so prevalent in the entertainment industry that it can be difficult to…

In an interview with Praise Philly Mary J Blige credits her positive change to God and says she is a Christian www.Blacklikemoi.com

Mary J. Blige Credits God For Her Ability to Overcome Addictions

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Reported by Andrew Scot Bolsinger Blige is one of the most successful and influential recording artists of her generation, but her Christian faith is the central core of her life. She also attributes her faith to her success in figuring out who she is. Mary J. Blige, a former drug addict,  grew up in church but says she never knew who God really was until her adult life. “I understand better…

Comedian Makes A Joke About Being Robbed

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by Barry Burch Jr. So what you are a comedian.  You can still get robbed. It seems that all the jokes in the world are not enough to keep you protected from the pervasive reach of crime.  Funny man Micheal Blackson had to learn this for himself, the hard way.  The comedian who has probably never harmed a fly confessed to his Twitter followers that he had been robbed on Sunday…

Atlanta Rapper Young Thug posts an image on Instagram of himself wearing womens clothing -- a skirt and half shirt www.Blacklikemoi.com

Atlanta Rapper Young Thug Posts Image of Himself Dressed In Drag

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Reported by Barry Burch Jr. An upcoming rapper from Atlanta has been turning heads and raising eye brows with a recent picture he released on his Instagram page.  The rapper is Young Thug, and the picture shows the 21-year-old fully dressed in some sort of skirt ensemble. After Frank Ocean became the first African-American music artist to announce his love for a person of the same-sëx in 2012, it seems…

Judge Joe Brown Explains Why He Was Arrested

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by Barry Burch Jr. Judge Joe Brown is still very upset about the five days he was sentenced to serve in a Memphis jail for contempt of court.  He claimed in a recent interview that his legal troubles have a lot less to do with his behavior, and a great deal more to do with his bid for District Attorney.  Brown is running for the office in the same town…

Michael Jackson To Appear In Lady Gaga Video

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by Barry Burch Jr. If you were to ask most people around the world as little as five years ago who the King of Pop was, they would most likely have told you that person was Michael Jackson.  However, if you ask people around the world that now, given they are privy to the information with regard to Jackson’s death; you might be surprised by the answers. Since his death,…