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March 11, 2014

Aretha Franklin Refuses To Acknowledge Pattie LaBelle At The White House

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By Barry Burch Jr. Who is the first person you think of when you hear the word “diva?”  Could it be Aretha Franklin?  Well how about unapologetic diva? Wait, answer that question after you have viewed the video of, yes, The unapologetic diva (see said video), refusing to acknowledge fellow diva, Patti LaBelle, at a Women of Soul concert held by the White House over the weekend.   The concert…

Miki Howard Speaks About Whether She Had A Child With Michael Jackson

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger While the controversy over a disputed paternity test that claims singer Brandon Howard is the son of pop icon Michael Jackson continues, Howard’s mother, singer Miki Howard, issued a clarifying statement that only further confused the issue. While the controversy is all the rage in the blogsphere of recent weeks, few credible facts have emerged.  When Howard’s mother, fellow singer Miki Howard issued a statement to…