Tyson Beckford’s Nephew Killed Someone And Gets Locked Up Because Of It

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By Carolyn Hall

Early Wednesday morning, famed model Tyson Beckford’s nephew, Dominic Whilby, was allegedly involved in a case of vehicular homicide. According to a report from the New York Daily News, Whilby crashed a truck into the side of a N.Y.C. bus which killed the driver.

NYPD reports that Whilby, who was celebrating model Shanina Shaik’s birthday, was with his uncle partying at 1 Oak club in Greenwich Village. However, around 3:30 a.m., club security kicked Whilby out for bad behavior. After being booted from 1 Oak, Whilby went to another spot nearby, the Dream Downtown Hotel. It seems that the security at Dream had a problem with Whilby as well. He had to be forcefully removed after passing out on the club’s second floor.

After the second club toss, reports claim that Whilby became enraged when he was unable to find a limousine for his departure. He, then, began beating on the doors at two posh apartment buildings on W. 16th street.

According to the superintendent for the residences, Whilby seemed to be under the influence of drugs. “He was sweating like a mad dog,” reported Victor Vega, who was watching Whilby on the building’s camera footage, which was later handed over to the police.

Soon after Whilby’s intoxicated tantrum, he allegedly stole a delivery truck that had stopped at the building. Reports claim that Whilby drove off so fast that he ran through a red light, and a door from the truck flew off.

In a matter of seconds, Whilby crashed the stolen truck into a New York City bus. Whilby hit the bus so hard that it was pushed onto the sidewalk and caused several other car crashes. The impact killed the city bus driver, William Pena. The authorities found Pena’s lifeless body under the bus’ wheel.

Several other people were injured in the crashes caused by Whilby. His wrecklessness and vehicular negligence impacted several other cars. One man was dragged some fifty feet on his scooter by Whilby’s truck when he careened through the red light.

Whilby only sustained minor injuries. After police and E.M.T.s surveyed the scene, Whilby was immediately apprehended and taken to a nearby hospital for drug and alcohol testing. The young man now faces several charges, including 3 counts of assault, criminal mischief, grand larceny and vehicular homicide.  If the toxicology screens come back positive, he could also be facing a D.U.I. charge.

Source:  newsone.com

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  1. Foolish behavior could not only destroy other people lives, but also land you in jail for a lifetime. I am so sad to hear this news. It's heartbreaking.

  2. drinking,use of illegal drugs,stealing a vehicle and causing an accident and death of a driver-is a long list of charges on him…..poor fellow

  3. OMG! Why diidn’t his uncle Tyson Beckford take him home?? Weren’t they together??? That poor guy is going to jail for a long time. I also feel bad for that poor guy he killed. He might have left a family behind.

  4. Horrible tragedy, and horrible the way this is titled

  5. Throw his sorry ass under the jail.

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