Russell Simmons And Jennifer Hudson Want To Protect Dolphins

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Russell SimmonsBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Russell Simmons has teamed up with Jennifer Hudson in an effort to save dolphins from being slaughtered in the fishing town of Taiji in Japan. Simmons and Hudson along with other activists are asking President Obama not to sign an international trade agreement until Japan stops their dolphin killing.

Other celebrities have joined the cause such as Sean Penn, Cher, Ellen DeGeneres, and William Shatner, just to name a few.

The Cove, a 2009 Oscar winning documentary sparked protests over the annual hunt of dolphins in Taiji. It’s important to know that Japanese law allows hunting for dolphins. Fishermen defend this law as their tradition.

“In a letter dated Wednesday that included dozens of names, Simmons asked the U.S. ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, to urge Obama not to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, until Japan bans the hunt. Kennedy recently tweeted that she was deeply concerned about the dolphin hunt, which has drawn widespread news coverage.”

Caroline Kennedy, who was appointed Ambassador of the United States to Japan has been notified by Simmons and others that the atrocity that’s happening with the killing of dolphins must stop. In responding to this issue, Kennedy said that the ‘U.S. was concerned with both the sustainability and the humaneness of the Japanese dolphin hunts.’

As of Sept 1st, roughly 600 dolphins have been captured. Out of the 600, 250 went in a cove. Of the 250 dolphins that went into the cove, at least 40 were killed for their meat, some 50 were sold to aquariums, and the remaining were released.

President Obama, his administration, and Kennedy have work to do. Will they speak up in opposing the actions being taken towards dolphins or will they remain silent? It doesn’t appear that Simmons and others will let this matter go quietly. Those concerned with saving dolphins will watch the actions of top officials closely. It seems like a case of saving dolphins v. making a profit.

Source: Eurweb

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  1. This black man and woman ought to be concern about saving black people. How many black people are being killed in Chicago and other cities around the country? Unfortunately that’s not a fashionable cause for black celeb’s now a days.

  2. Now John i like dolphins, but you right, what about the destruction occuring in The Black Community on a daily basis. When will we get it! View The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on Youtube.Peace!

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