Pharrell Williams To Drop New Album in March

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David Bloodsaw

After Pharrell’s entertaining performance at the Grammy’s we are all ready for  more. Pharrell Williams’ new album G I R L is scheduled to be released on March 3 according to Electronic Urban Report.

The single, Happy, from his second solo effort has already been released and he will perform the song at the Oscars on March 2. Happy is also on the Despicable 2 soundtrack and has already been nominated for an Oscar (best original song).

Pharrell promises that G I R L will be worth the wait from his last solo project, which was in 2006. In the meantime, Pharrell has collaborated with other artists such as Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, Daft Punk and Robin Thicke. He also runs several businesses.

Pharrell said when Columbia offered him the opportunity make an album he knew right away it would be called GIRL and will be festive and urgent.

The European media had a first listen to the new album and has given it positive feedback. Despite the backlash of Blurred Lines lyrics in regard to women, the new project has been described as feminist. Many felt Blurred Lines’ subject matter and the video was misogynistic with questionable lyrics and visuals. The Guardian labeled it the most controversial song of the decade. Whether that is true or not, it seems Pharrell is making atones with the remainder of GIRL.

Pharrell said, “and it’s going to change. A world where 75 percent of it is run by women — that’s a different world. That’s gonna happen, and I want to be on the right side of it when it does.”

One of the songs is “Marilyn Monroe”, which speaks on beauty standards and society. This time around The Guardian had a better review of the album, “an audacious, almost-concept album celebrating women and aiming to highlight society’s gender imbalance.”

If anything, Pharrell is definitely setting himself apart with his music, entrepreneur efforts and the much talked about Vivienne Westwood Buffalo Hat he’s been wearing. Incidentally, the hat will be available on ebay.com and the proceeds will go to charity.


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