Nicki Minaj Sued For $30M By Former Stylist

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Nicki Minaj Sued For wigsBy Lechette Walker

Nicki Minaj’s former stylist, Terrence Davidson, has filed a lawsuit accusing rapper Minaj of stealing his wig designs. The intrinsically colorful wig designs that contributed to the unique success of Minaj, is a direct result of Davidson influence on her wig choices, according to her former stylist.

Patti LaBelle and Jennifer Hudson are some of the celebrity clients that Davidson has worked for in the past. He began to work for Minaji in 2010 when he designed wigs for prominent events all over the world according to the suit filed in Atlanta.

Davidson wigs were worn on several music videos including, “Super Bass” and “Pink Upper Bun,” according to the filed lawsuit.

42 year old Davidson stated that he was also in dialogue with the Minaji staff about a business opportunity that included a reality show and the emergence to the wig market.

According to the lawsuit the conversation took a slight turn in 2012 that did not include him, the staff “took active steps to isolate Mr. Davidson and preclude him from the notoriety he deserved for his wig designs.”

In early 2013 he departed from working for Minaj as her hair stylist, only to learn recently that the performer has imitated his wigs and is now selling the wigs online, alleged Davidson.

Minaj “took a number of his popular wig designs, without his consent, and used them to start her own wig line,” said the lawsuit.

The former American Idol judge, lawsuit was filed at the U.S district court in Georgia on Friday. The lists of multiple allegations are referenced, “including tortious interference with prospective business relations and breach of implied contract,” according to MSN.

The spokeswoman for Minaj has not commented about the alleged charges at his time. The wig hair dispute is apparently becoming a source of discussion within the Minaj staff and externally with her fans.

Sources:  chicagotribune


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  1. She should be suing him for making her look stupid. Send in the clowns!

    • @Yocheved

      Great Post!!! LMBO! Every since that chic did that demonic performance at the awards show she’s been on ignor with me.
      She’s one weird a$$ thang, I hope she don’t start thinking she can roll with Patti La Belle / Lady Marmala…

  2. Since stealing from Little Kim was not enough now we have the wig bandit. WELL TO BE HONEST, SHE LOOKED CRAZY WITH THOSE CLOWN WIGS ANYHOW

  3. Thou Shall Not Steal.

  4. That's some grimie shit I'm no Nicki fan, little Kim is the diva

  5. She looks weird in them cotton candy wigs lmbo

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