‘NFL Today’ Fires Shannon Sharpe

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe has been replaced by future hall-of-fame tight end, Tony Gonzalez.

Sharpe and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino were dumped from their posts on NFL Today by CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus on Tuesday. Both had been fixtures on the Sunday morning pre-game show for several years.

Gonzalez retired this year from football after setting most of the significant records for an NFL tight end.

“Having just stepped off the playing field, Tony brings a fresh and insightful perspective,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said. “As a future Hall of Famer, we are excited for him to share his knowledge, experiences and opinions with our viewers.”

For a time in his all-pro career, former tight-end Shannon Sharpe was considered among the very best. Gonzalez took the position to a higher level with a career that many believe make him the best who ever played at that position.

Now Sharpe will step aside for Gonzalez on the television stage.

Sharpe told TMZ that he accepted the change, with “no-hard feelings.”

““Things happen. They made the best decision for them and now I have to make the best decision for me,” Sharpe said.

One area where Gonzalez hasn’t topped Sharpe: Super Bowls. Gonzalez never went to the biggest game, while Sharpe won three Super Bowls in his career. He was elected to the hall of fame in 2011.

Gonzalez will join hold-over James Brown, Coach Bill Cowher, and former quarterback Boomer Esaison. He was named to 14 pro bowls during a football career that spanned from 1997 to 2013.

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  1. More people have enjoyed the commentator Sharpe than they have Bill Cowher. Cowher has been around longer than Sharpe so if they want a new perspective then replace Cowher. Not only did Sharpe know foot ball but he also added comedy and fun to the show.

  2. Shannon will land on his feet; let’s see how Tony does!!!

  3. I agree with both you guys!

  4. Actually I'm quite surprised that he lasted as long as he did. He always talked as if he had a mouth-full of marbles. Great career on the field though. Best of luck to him.

  5. I'm thinking that Sharpe's very heated statement on the show after the Incognito revelations about using the n word and how black members of the Dolphins allowing him to throw it around debased all of them too made some of the suits at CBS nervous. I'm gonna miss him.

  6. Just remember…whenever a non white gets a tv gig, one must be replaced.

  7. Why do players like Sharpe will not support non feel no need to give back donations when they attended HBCU’s and find success but Black and White players who attended mostly white Universities give back millions to these school. When you make it to the next level what did these schools do that HBCU’s do not?

  8. It ani't personal just business. Uh huh

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