Malik Yoba Wants His New Play To Be Empowering

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By Carolyn Hall

If you’re a fan of Black cinema, you’ve probably seen Malik Yoba before. This brother has been in over 30+ films and television shows. In fact, in the 90’s, he was the star of one of the most popular television dramas-“New York Undercover.” This show is still in heavy rotation on a number of stations, such as TV ONE and BET. More recently, he has been a fixture and a favorite in Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?” movies as the loving and devoted husband of Janet Jackson’s character. But, what is most exciting is Yoba’s new project-“The Pledge to Creativity.”

Through this endeavor, Yoba is turning his passion into purpose. The goal of his project, “The Pledge to Creativity,” is to inspire, encourage, and teach youth how to use their creativity and talent and channel those things in a positive way by giving them an outlet, whether it be through fashion, art, technology or music. He says that, “It’s something that I’m really, really excited about and it allows me to bring all of my skill sets together…to work in schools, to empower young people with this pledge and bringing influences together.”

Kudos to Mr. Yoba for taking his passion and giving it a purpose.

Source:  thegrio.com

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  1. That’s excellent Brotha Malik, and to help you with your project, view The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on Youtube. It is The Blackprint(blue print) for a New Generation. Peace!

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