Chris Brown Decides To Extend His Stay In Rehab

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By Afiya J. Watkins

Chris Brown recently decided to extend his stay in rehab.

The troubled singer is rejuvenating and apparently accepting responsibility for his past behaviors. He is determined to live positively and most importantly, cultivate positive relationships with the women in his life, HollywoodLife is reporting. This is seemingly quite the epiphany on Breezy’s part, since it is indeed the women who have endured the brunt of his violence and aggression. Most will recall his highly publicized physical attack on then girlfriend, Rihanna but he has also allegedly engaged in a violent outburst against his own mother last year.

After voluntarily returning to his rehab center on Feb. 21, the singer got some final treatment the next day before checking out for good.

“He’s back home now and he feels good about it,” a source said.

After Chris left rehab, he headed to a music video shoot, where he broke out some impressive moves for his new single, Loyal.

“We had a low-key celebration for him. It was real quiet. A lot of hugs. A lot of thank yous. No big speeches although he said, ‘Thank y’all for being there for me. Really appreciate all that. Love’,” said the insider.

“We weren’t trying to turn it into a crying session, we just all wanted to be around him and uplift him and show him how proud of him we are”.

Now the next step for Chris is to take what he was taught in anger management rehab and apply it to the real world.

“He’s trying to take what he learned with him about his anger and relationships with women and his mother and use those skills to make his relationships better.”

Chris Brown in recent years has become as famous for menacing behavior as he is for his enormous musical and dance talent. Hopefully, now he will get back to entertaining; the thing he does best.

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  1. I'm pulling for you, Chris!

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