Actor Lance Gross Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence

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Actor Lance Gross Speaks Out Against Domestic ViolenceBy David Bloodsaw

Actor Lance Gross , who played Calvin Payne in Tyler Perry’s House of Pain and starred in his latest movie Temptation: Confession of a Marriage Counselor is now a part of Verizon Wireless’ Hopeline project. According to the Washington Post Hopeline project is an initiative that donates refurbished cell phones to domestic violence agencies.

Gross, along with Keke Palmer and Regina Hall will be joining him as they travel all over the country as a part of Black History Month, “Potential of Us,” whose goal is to assist community involvement on various social issues.

One of his first stops was at Pentagon City in Washington D.C., collecting cell phones and taking selfies with shoppers. The goal of the visit was to encourage shoppers to donate old mobile phones. Hopeline then refurbishes the phones for domestic violence victims and this also prevents them from being thrown away, eventually ending their life cycle in a landfill. So, besides providing phones for domestic abuse victims, another aim of the program is to recycle cellular phones and educate people to not discard the phones.

The program was launched in 2001 and since then over 150,000 phones have been donated.  Gross also said, “Just because you’re not using them doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who could put them to good use.”

If you can’t attend one of Gross’ appearances, phones can also be donated at any Verizon Store.

Lance Gross is on the rise and now back on network television with a new show. He will star in a new drama on NBC titled “Crisis.” Gross will star as Marcus Finley, a Secret Service agent that is thrust into an international crisis the first day on the job. Gross is tasked with protecting the President’s son; however the school bus is hijacked with the other children being kidnapped. The bus also carries many other children of political leaders.

Source: washingtonpost.com

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