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February 9, 2014

Twins Claim American Idol Ruined Their Music Career

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By Daphne R A set of twin brothers who appeared on American Idol 7 years ago told a reporter at Memphis’ WREG News that appearing on the show has cost them a career in music and they want to warn other American Idol hopefuls of what to watch for. Brothers Terrell and Derrell Brittenum allege that the show misleads people with the promise of going to Hollywood. They say that…

A Lot Of People Think Jamie Foxx Is Dating Katie Holmes

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By April Taylor According to a recent report by Fox News, rumors are once again swirling about Jamie Foxx, who is 46, and Kate Holmes, who is 35, being involved in a romance.  The pair has responded to previous reports of them being romantically involved by saying they are just friends, however, their recent time together in New York over the Super Bowl weekend has people speculating once again that…