Tyra Banks Takes Her Brand To Africa

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antmBy Connie K. Grier

Lights, Camera, Action…Click, Click, SNAP!
The sounds preceding the entrance of beauty Tyra Banks, former model, has capitalized on the highs, lows joys and heartbreaks associated with being in the modeling interesting.  According to the news vehicle EuroWeb, Tyra will be launching the Next Top Model in Africa series in Africa.

“ It’s about time someone recognizes the beautiful women overflowing in Africa,” stated Britney Walker, writer for EuroWeb.

The models will come from 8 nations within Africa’s Borders. The expansion is the fourth branch of her highly successful franchise. So far, Tyra’s tapped Nigerian model Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi to serve as the host and co-producer of the show.

One of the issues regarding the event:  Are the African beauties being judged on Western standards of beauty, or on standards that exist outside of the Western world?  For example, models here in the United States are often obsessed with being as small as possible at the waistline.  Being size two or size zero is the goal.  In Africa, however, in many countries it is considered a sign of beauty and wealth to have a larger frame.  So will the runway judges determine the participants’ beauty with those standards in mind?

Is it a good idea to infuse a system of media sponsored, society fueled reality television show where one has not existed before?  Does Africa need a television show that can lead to a woman’s largest self-esteem issues, most private  flaws and instances of beauty-based competitiveness to be highlighted for the entire world to see?  How is that a benefit for the participating nations?  They will have been introduced to the world of immortalized buffoonery; a world that can rarely be exited once entered.  While I can clearly see a benefit for the Next Top Model Brand, the immediate benefit for African nations may not be as obvious.