Teen Killed At A Party After Being Warned By His Family

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shot5n-5by Barry Burch Jr.

Growing up, sometimes even on into adulthood, parents are the ones who are able to spot trouble first.  Whether it be regarding someone you believe is your friend who actually is not or going to a party that seems safe on the surface level, but is really detrimental to your well-being, for some reason, they just know.  Sadly for one 16-year-old teenager; however, he was either unaware of this fact or chose to ignore it.

According to the New York Daily News, Iquan Williams (pictured right) attended a party in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn Saturday evening.  The young man went despite warnings from his family that he should not.   Mr. William’s brother even informed him about hearing on Facebook that one of the guests at the party would be armed with a gun.

Mr. William’s mother, Tiana Williams, is struggling to deal with the heart-breaking tragedy.  She remembers her final conversation with her son.  “We called him at 9 p.m., and said, ‘Don’t go,'” she explained.  “He texted me (around 10 p.m.).  I said, ‘Watch your surroundings.  Be careful.’   He said, ‘I love you.’   I said, ‘I love you.’”

Unfortunately, Mr. Williams did not take heed to his mother’s plea for him to skip the party and went anyway.  “He said he wouldn’t, but he went,” the saddened mother mustered.

Shots rang off approximately one hour and a half from the time Mr. Williams and his mother exchanged their final text.  By the time the attack was through, Mr. Williams had been killed.  Police are still in pursuit of potential suspects, and a motive has not been released.

Mr. William’s family does not believe any bullets were meant for him.  “He must have walked out with someone they were shooting at,” said Ms. Williams.  “My son didn’t deserve this.  We don’t deserve to be out here crying,” she continued.  “I want whoever did this . . .  They ripped our hearts out.”

Ty Moore, another young person from the party said the shooting seemed to come out of nowhere, as reported by News One.  “I heard gun shots.  I was around the corner.  By the time I got back to the block the cops were all over the place,” he explained.

Iquan Williams is the youngest person in the city to be killed so far this year.  According to The News, there has been eight murders documented in Brooklyn since the beginning of 2014.

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  1. From East to West, from North to South, our community needs to view the video The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on Youtube. Because it gives direction to the Old and the Young. This is The Black Print(blue print) for a New Generation. Peace!

  2. He should have listened to his family. No mention of a father in the home. A strong, effective, loving, stern discipline in the form of a father, would have made sure his azz didnt go to that party. Condolences to the family.

  3. Where was father.

  4. such a sad story….it is hard being a teenager but sometimes it is best to just head the warming your parents are saying…the family felt that something was just not right in this case with his going…..in this case they were right..it is very sad that a teen cant even go to a party these days and have a good time…the world is a very different place…teens listen to your parents….

  5. Does it strike anyone as being strange when a 16 yr old kids is doing whatever he wanted despite his family’ s demands?



  8. Just look at that "I'm a bad ass" look on his face. Even when posing for a picture with his own mother he cops a look like that. Obvious no father around. When will black folks learn that baby mommas, baby daddy, and living off the welfare system instead of working for a living, will lead to nothing but distruction. That's why on the rare occasion that a black kid manages to rise up above it all and be a success in life, we think of it as a miracle. The white folks (and asians and most mexicans) think of such a kid growing up to be successful — being able to support himself and his family — is normal. And white folks don't give it a lot of thought when their kid makes it to being a doctor or lawyer or CPA or whatever. But almost all of those white kids have something that a LOT of black kids don't have — a father who is fully involved in their lives.

  9. Not blaming parents but East NY is a VERY VERY dangerous place and my kids wouldn't be allowed out to go to the store alone – school would be bad enough!!!

  10. This makes no sense. Why would you willing go somewhere were you were told someone would be bringing a gun?

  11. Sometime that maternal instinct is our strongest defense. So sorry for the senseless loss of this beloved young man.

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