Pharrell Says Beyonce Is Freeing Women By Singing About Sεxx

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Pharrell  BeyonceBy April Taylor

An article on hiphollywood.com discusses Beyonce’s release of the fifth installment of her “Self-Titled” mini-series.  The mini-series is meant to give fans a behind the scenes look at how her album came together, and the latest installment focuses on the sexuality portrayed in some of her music.

In this installment, Beyonce claims that she has always been careful about how she displays her sexuality due to the fact that she respects the children and parents who choose to listen to her music.  Somehow, the words sexuality and respect when children are involved does not seem capable of coexisting, but Beyonce believes she has managed to make the two converge with the way she has chosen to display sexuality in her music.  Part of her justification in the series seems to be that her first album came out when she was 15, and she believes that the children who listened to her music then have now grown up.

While this may seem like a valid justification, it does nothing to address the fact that there are new fans who are preteens and young teenagers who are being exposed to the adult sexuality that is pervasive in some of her music.  Beyonce’s response to this is that she feels that she has earned the right to freely express everything about who she is.  While she makes a valid point, I do not believe this gives her any right to say that her music is respectful of children and their parents.

Pharrell seems to support Beyonce’s view in the mini-series by making a statement about the fact that it is Beyonce’s strength as a mother and wife that allows Beyonce to free women through her sexual lyrics.

I personally think that overt sexually only serves to perpetuate the stereotype that Black women are oversexualized, submissive, and incompetent of being anything other than sexual objects, but I must admit I have never been a fan of Beyonce’s music.  I believe there are much more talented women with much more empowering messages, but we will leave this to her fans to decide if her music is truly sexually liberating for women or simply a perpetuation of age old stereotypes about black women.

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  1. LMBO***** REALLY BEY!!! So now you’ve became our GOD!!!

    So now you need Pharrell / aka Pharoh to tell us your (freeing) us…REALLY BEY!!!! All blackwomen are not that d@mn gulliable as you may think we are. I don’t ever remember being held (captive) concerning my sexuality or my sensuality…
    Girl plezzz clown your own d@mn-self… *God is the one who has set me free in ways you will never understand, we all know who you serve RIGHT!!! Many of us can’t or will not be brought out by demons plezzzz! and yall already know who I’m talking to.
    Your season is just about over…

    • Redbone!

      You are just too much! Speak it plain my sistah, nobody could have said it any better. You speak for many.

  2. And Pharrell is one strange looking dude man…..plezzz!! Really!!

  3. Beyoncé can't free herself. If you want to help black women informed them of educational resources, making sound financial investments.

  4. Bull S**T. That is all I have to say.

  5. You GO!!! redbone…!!!

    Pharrell aka: Pharoh looks like one of your d@mn demonic-Emps, just look at his fr*cken ears and pointy nose = PERPERTRAITOR FROM HELL…

    Bey Bey and Jay-Bird Boo Boo: all African Americans aren’t blinded by your demonic agenda’s….

  6. Ignore the haters Bey and keep doing what you do.

  7. And Bey, when the haters start whining about how you and your husband dont “do” anything for us, remind them its not cool to beg for wealthy black peoples money when A) they can “do something” for themselves, and B) when they keep disrespecting you, your husband, and your daughter….the very people they keep begging and asking for handouts.

    • Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!
      Devon sounds like she’s one of their REAL-EMP-WORSHIPERS and (Racist-HATERS) of the true faith of our black people.

    • You are one lost “CHALL”. You better wake yo a** up before its too late. You are one of those peeps who are totally racist amongst your ownself gul.

  8. @ Sick a rap artist – NOPE! Just a bit tired of ne’er do well, lazy nlack people who keep doing dumb sheit to make their lives difficult then turning around and begging a wealthy black couple they HATE to ” do something” for them. We are the only race of people on the planet who begs their celebrities to do for them what they can get up off their azzes, and do for themselves. As a young black woman who has worked to better herself, I find the constant begging to be embarrassing. 400 years later, we should should be doing better….MUCH BETTER and in a position where no e of us have to beg wealthy black people for THEIR money….all the while hating them and disrespecting them while begging them for their money. Aint yall tired of begging? If I was starving I wouldnt ask anybody I hated for a dayum thing
    that’s called having pride and dignity.

  9. just because you do well on the job or in your chosen career does not mean that you’re the leader or guide of us all. Neither artist is the great philosopher. Just stand there and shake it, we’ll buy it if we like it.

    • Huh! You got that right…

  10. Let me see, I’ve made it 52 years as a strong black woman, raised my two daughters the same way and taught my son we are queens(as he is a king) and all these years I’ve never needed Beyonce to rep anything for me. I don’t hate her, but now it’s going a bit to far.She is not the representation or mouthpiece for most black women, I really don’t think we need her to help us be free about our sexuality, unfortunately I don’t think we have an issue in that area. Pharell …….be quiet please. And no I’m not a “hater” and oh how I despise that played out word.

    • @KAren… the same here!! This whole article is about Jay and Bey’s “PRIDE” being stripped away!! Its time for some humbling and if there was ever a time that I might have had one single positive word to say about Bey Bey she destroyed it for good when she posed 95% b*tt-naked in front of the “LAST SUPPER”…
      JAY-Z cumcubine is making a real “stupid” bold statement to the whole world… Chick is real lost! and its real janky and clueless how some people view the real truth as (HATERS)… fell off the dang wall!

  11. Beyonce is just perpetuating the lack of respect black men have for black women and trying to sell records

  12. Well Black Women are in Trouble. I remember when Lil Kim "I used to be scared of the dick, now I throw lips to the….." and turned a generation of young girls(in their late 20's- 30 ' s now), into Tramps, ho's, sluts, freaks, strippers. Wonder what she's going to turn this generation of young girls In to? Stayup, because it's crowned at the bottom. Peace

    • ELI… its really shameful isn’t it!!! but haven’t you read up on 50 Cent’s article concerning the music industry dying out? Peeps like Jay-z , B eyonce, Lol Kim and other rapper disrespect are on their way “DOWN THE DRAIN”… Many of them are dying out / 6 ft under and that’s not hating neither is it wishful thinking its just factual.

  13. "Cheat on ya man, Ma/That's how you get ahizzead!"

  14. Beyonce is an entertainer. She has every rihr ro

  15. Sorry what i meant to say was tthat she has every right to make a fool out of herself. She felt that it is her body it is her choice and after losing that baby weight why not show it off. If you look through what she does she doea more than shake herbottom but because she is known for shaking her bottom like our african aancestors she is being ridiculed.for the children God holds parents accountable not beyonce not jay z not pharrel so you teach them right from wrong.

  16. @Corinthian

    SHAKING YOUR BOOTY vers BOOTY NAKED IS 2 DIFFERENT THINGS….. PLEZZZ! !! especially when every time somebody sees you your always BOOTY-NAKED and your man has clothes on…. so now who’s the PUMP!!!

  17. So, disrespect yourself because men disrespect and make money doing it? And we are o.k. with this? It's soooo disgusting. Women keep talking about how strong they are and how much power they have, but in reality they are weak as hell.

  18. Pharrell should not stoop to this level. Just be HAPPY, Pharrell Good music works for you.

  19. Really people? Why are you judging? Leave that lady alone.

  20. Your heart must be light as a feather people…I say we have enough work to do on our OWN selves…why keep making comments about how WE ALL KNOW which master she serves?…the question is…which master do YOU serve?…take care of YOU and YOURS…it is senseless to say things about people that you don’t know to be factual…

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