Paris Jackson Keeps Growing Up: Check Her Out In Hawaii

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paris jacksonBy April Taylor

For anyone who watched Michael Jackson’s public memorial service in July 2009, one of the most memorable moments occurred when Paris, Jackson’s then 11-year old daughter, told the audience that her dad had been, “the best father you could ever imagine.”  In the time since her father’s death, Paris has struggled to come to terms with the loss of her father while also trying to navigate becoming a teenager.

The weight of the struggle caused the young girl to buckle and attempt suicide in June of this past year by cutting her wrists and taking pills.  As reported by an article from Mail Online, Paris began attending a therapeutic private school located in Utah that specializes in helping teenagers with grief management and depression in July following the suicide attempt.  Paris took a break from the school for the holidays and was reunited with her brothers Blanket and Prince on December 23rd in Hawaii.

Photos posted by Paris show her enjoying time with her mother Debbie Rowe who also attended the Hawaiian vacation.  Paris posted some light hearted photos of herself in a bikini where she appears to be happy and content which is welcome news for many who have been concerned about her well being since her suicide attempt last year.

It is reported that she returned to her Grandmother Katherine Jackson’s home for the New Year’s Holiday following the Hawaiian Christmas vacation.  This is the first time she has returned to the Calabasas, California home since the hospitalization that followed her suicide attempt.  RadarOnline has reported that Paris has been arguing with her grandmother about having to return to the boarding school in Utah.  Katherine, who shares guardianship of the Jackson children, appears to think that Paris still needs the support and structure provided at the secluded school while Paris seems to have enjoyed her recent taste of freedom and feels as if she no longer needs to be kept in such a secluded and structured environment.  If her recent Instagram posts are any indication, she does appear to be doing much better than she was last summer, and she deserves to be a happy, healthy young lady who can enjoy being a teenager without risking slipping back into the severe depression that forced her to be sent to the boarding school in the first place.

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  1. I hope Mrs. Jackson leaves this girl in Utah in a structured environment. After she got together with Debbie Rowe she lost something and became something else.

    I know she is grieving but her behavior was terrible and bringing her back to CA and around Ms. Rowe will just cause further problems.

    I agree with Janet Jackson this girl appears to be a spoiled brat. She should be thankful and respectful to Michael’s mother. Now we all can see why MJ did not want Debbie around the children.

  2. IT is a touchy business coaching a spirit not to leave the body. You can't navigate the soul realms stupidly because the spirit separate from one's mindset, and body awareness is intelligent. Freed of the boundaries it is fearless, daring and bolder. The feel and presence of love can coax one spirit and vex another. It is the stories of the soul that have to be reached because the will lives in those stories. – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

  3. wow they got to spend time with their mom, cool

  4. It is difficult to get knowledgeable folks on this subject, but the truth is be understood as what happens you are preaching about! Thanks

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