When You Heckle An Award-Winning Director, You’re Going To Be Punished

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By Daphne R

The Golden Globe Awards turned out to be a night of great celebration for everyone associated with the film “12 Years a Slave”. After appearing to be snubbed all night at the Golden Globes, the film finally heard its name called for the top honor of Best Drama. Not everyone was thrilled to see the film’s British director, Steve McQueen take home the trophy, however.

According to Variety, Armond White, film critic at CityArts during an award ceremony on January 5 yelled, “You’re an embarrassing doorman and garbage man,” and ““F—you. Kiss my ass,” when McQueen went to the stage to accept his award for best director at the ceremony.

Rumors are swirling now that Armond White has been voted out of the New York Film Critics Circle for the heckling incident.

New York Film Critics Circle member Owen Gleiberman said that the group voted him out on Monday after his behavior at the January 5 New York Film Critics Circle Awards. White has denied the allegations to both the New York Times and the Hollywood Reporter but as Glieberman writes, “I was sitting about 40 feet away from him, and though I couldn’t make out everything that was said, I can testify: Everyone at my table lurched around to see where the loud, jeering, disruptive comments were coming from. This unquestionably fit the definition of heckling. It was all meant to be heard by the room at large. When White later claimed that his comments were “sotto voce” (a musical term that literally means “soft voice”), he was either lying or lying to himself, or perhaps both.”

One group, the Film Society of Lincoln Center posted an audio file of the heckling incident.

White, who is also a former critic of the New York Press, had previously openly called the ”12 Years a Slave” movie “torture porn” in a review.

Well, now that Steve McQueen has his film have taken top honors, wonder what Mr. White has to say now?


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  1. Wow! What an idiot, apparently White has no class for regardless if he thought Mr. McQueen deserved the honor or not, a man with class would never have shouted it out in public. Sounds like a bad case of White Jealously! After all, our Black men are not suppose to be capable of such things, I say to you White, just get the hell over it and quick!

  2. he’s a f*cking dumb@$$ and he deserves to be voted out!

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