Guess What Terrell Owens’ New Wife Does For A Living?


By April Taylor

Terrell Owens is no stranger to controversy, and while his recent headline grabbing news is not nearly the most controversial thing he has ever done, it is turning heads.  A report on is stating that Owens is engaged to a woman named Rachel Snider.  It is also reported that she works as a postal worker.  While some media outlets seem to be focusing on the woman’s occupation as a reasons to questions Owens’ decision, others are discussing the fact that the woman is white while simultaneously being, “plain looking,” as an article from states it.  She is 33 while Owens recently turned 40.

Reports from TMZ indicate that the couple has been dating for a significant amount of time despite the fact that the couple has largely remained out of the public eye until now.  Snider has been tweeting comments about Owens since March, so the relationship seems to have at least been going on since that time.

One of the few images recently shared by Snider appears to be from New Years Eve, and she appears to be wearing an engagement ring in the photograph.  It is also reported that Owens has already taken the necessary step of obtaining a marriage license and that this step was completed in Los Angeles.  Although Owens has multiple children with different women, there have not been any reports to surface that indicate that Snider is pregnant.

The fact that Owens has had a series of relationships where children were produced but no long term commitment ever surfaced makes his decision to become engaged to Snider seem like a pretty serious step forward for him.  The fact that he has already obtained the marriage license also makes it appear as though he is very serious about marrying her and this was not simply something he did on a whim.  Hopefully the couple will have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them.

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    • Blackgirl-Lost-In-America at 9:09 pm


      That’s right keep making the truth plain…
      It’s always about the booty… weak women with no brains to understand they’ll always be nothing more then a booty call especially to the weak-link blackman… and that’s not to say all blackmen are weak-links but America does have its share on both sides “men&women….

  1. CW at 7:52 pm

    WHY is this a big deal? So what, she’s white – big deal – she’s a postal worker. It’s his life! I want to address issues that are more important.

    • Blackgirl-Lost-In-America at 2:41 pm

      Some idiots just love seeing violence and hate spiral amongst our people. Everybody is aware of the war going on between blackmen and blackwomen… hum… news sales right… and it gets rewards at all cost cuz its always about the money.

  2. F Walker at 3:53 pm

    At least T.O. and his new lady can enjoy a steady paycheck (very modest compared to the NFL salary) and decent federal workers benefits, though the US Postal Service is not entirely funded by the federal government.

    • LadyVee at 4:33 pm

      Who gives a d@mn… can we please move to more important issues. I’m sick of hearing about all our weak blackmen in sports.
      Their dropping dead, committing suicide, screwing each other in the a$$, denying their black babies, screwing multipule women all at one time, sell drugs, some don’t even give back to the children in the black communities. Can we please move on to more important issues concerning how to survive a down spiraling economy.

  3. Truth - IS - Reckoning at 11:49 am

    Mr. Owens ignore the hatas.. they’re only jealous.. that you found your truth and happiness

    Maybe this time Mr. Owens now that you have the facts out about your dysfunction family and LIES being told to you as a child.. you’re free to love and enjoy life in true happiness as it should be enjoyed. Your mother and father really messed you up as a child.. so know your being heal..and the TRUTH will MAKE(not set) you free.. he who GOD MAKES free is free indeed..not to be capture EVER again by untruths/lies..

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