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January 14, 2014

Oprah And Iyanla Take On Colorism In The Black Community

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By Greg B. We have all heard this right; light skin women are prettier than dark skin women? If you havent heard this, congratulations on not being subjected to the unfortunate world of colorism. This is not a new concept, however, it has been the subject of debate and contention for years. But now the debate has managed to catch the attention of Oprah Winfrey and her LifeClass series. Ms….

Is The Apollo Theater Losing It’s Magic?

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By Greg B. The Apollo Theatre was once the mecca of up and coming talent in New York for many years. During the early years that the theater existed it found itself flanked by the matured state of the Harlem Renaissance, and the flourishing art, poetry and musical influence. Back then the only businesses you saw in close proximity to the Apollo were African American owned mom and pop joints….

Nick Cannon Explains How He Stayed Married To Mariah For So Long

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By April Taylor Although Nick Canon and Mariah Carey have been married for more than five years, the couple seems to be defying the stereotype that married people’s sεx lives do not compare to the sεx lives of single people.  In fact, their passion for each other seems much more on display than most celebrity couples.  In a recent Us Weekly article, Canon said that, “lots of sεx,” is a key…

When You Heckle An Award-Winning Director, You’re Going To Be Punished

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By Daphne R The Golden Globe Awards turned out to be a night of great celebration for everyone associated with the film “12 Years a Slave”. After appearing to be snubbed all night at the Golden Globes, the film finally heard its name called for the top honor of Best Drama. Not everyone was thrilled to see the film’s British director, Steve McQueen take home the trophy, however. According to…

Transgender TV Star Shuts Down Katie Couric

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By Stephanie Allen-Gobert Katie Couric, born Katherine Anne “Katie “Couric is an American television journalist, author and a talk show host. Katie has a syndicated talk show which airs on ABC at 4:00pm (ET). Couric has had her fair share of controversy on her show.  From her disproportionate HPV vaccine episode, heavy media scrutiny resulting from her 2008 Sarah Palin interviews, and now the more recent controversy, her presumptuous questions…

Love And Hip-Hop LA Is Waaaaay Behind In Production

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By Stephanie Allen-Gobert “I hope somebody give her some kind of job, the National Enquirer or somebody gives her a check because she’s in everybody’s business but her own,” this memorable quote stated by K. Michelle from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is what reality TV producer Mona Scott-Young might be saying.  The TV producer has been looking to expand her “Love & Hip Hop franchise to Los Angeles, California….