Don Cheadle Returns for a Big Payday in the Next Avengers Movie

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don-cheadle-war-machineby Greg B.

He’s back! Don Cheadle is rumored to be lined up to play the role of Col. Rhodes aka War Machine. Marvel is set to release the third installment of the Ironman series, in 2015. Cheadle who starred in the second Ironman, in a role that Terrance Howard had initially occupied.

The man behind Ironman; Robert Downey, Jr., who recently brought teamed up with the other Marvel comic heroes in The Avengers is of course slated to suit up again in the movie.

I’m sure the reason for the next installment of Ironman to is undoubtedly part of the successful Marvel comics list of movies that have been released lately.

Many are speculating what role War Machine will play in the upcoming movie. The chatter is that Cheadle will take the place of Downey in future movies, as the lead character in films to come. I guess we will have to wait and see about that!

Regardless of the role that Cheadle plays I am sure we will see a major production, and a blockbuster movie, just as the other installments have shown. The movie is slated to release in May of 2015.

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