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December 4, 2013

Teens Arrested for Waiting on Bus

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by Barry Burch Jr. That sad moment when circumstances change from not being able to walk down the street to not being able to wait at the bus stop has arrived, well, again.  But fortunately, the accused can at least sometimes be vindicated. The charges against the three black teenagers, who were arrested, while waiting for the bus in Rochester, New York, have been dropped. District Attorney Sandra Doorley said in…

Tiara K. Williams Explains Why Black People in Hollywood are So One-Dimensional

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This video tells you a great deal about the need for good black entertainment that is not the one-dimensional BS that we are forced to watch on networks like BET.  Black people are diverse, and Tiara K. Williams is working to celebrate that diversity rather than abandon it.   Take a look.   [leadplayer_vid id=”529EBF4C4D751″]