Rapper Waka Flocka Flame apologizes for Calling Oprah an “Ugly B*tch”

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If you never thought that today’s biggest rappers are ignorant, disrespectful neanderthals, this article might make you change your mind.  Waka Flocka Flame is finding that his old words are coming back to hurt him after a video recently surfaced showing him being less than respectful to Oprah Winfrey.

Waka was caught on video saying that Oprah was an “ugly b*tch” that he would never f*ck.  The video was given to TMZ by one of Waka’s old “friends” (read:  someone he didn’t pay enough money to or angered on his way to the top).

During the video, someone stated that Oprah Winfrey has “million dollar p*ssy.”  Maybe the more appropriate term would be billion dollar, since she has more money than Waka is ever going to have.  After Oprah was brought into the conversation, this is when Waka let loose, saying “I won’t f**k that ugly b*tch!”

It’s strange that he says it as if Oprah wants to sleep with him and he is turning her down.

Waka told TMZ that he was sorry for the video.

“I feel obligated to take responsibility for my actions and publicly apologize to Oprah.”

“My remarks about you were both extremely unnecessary and disrespectful. This regretful situation made me look at women and how I address them in a more responsible way.”

He says that he saw the err of his ways after his mother pointed out how hurt she was to hear him say that he would never have sexx with Oprah.  Just kidding.  But she did take offense to his disrespect for women.   Has she heard any of his lyrics lately?

No word from Oprah on whether she is accepting his apology.  She probably doesn’t even care.


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  1. Black men always degrade their own woman

  2. Kamilah Jelks agreed! I had to think about some of the things we use to say about Biggy back in the day. You made a good point.

  3. This young man Wocka Flocka, was extremely wrong for discussing his opinion in that content. But don’t get it twisted, Ms O, billionaire status do the same thing, she just word her differences with a little more political correctness. There was a time Ms O, sued a gentleman for taping her conversation, and best believe she said something that she didn’t want the world to know about her sitting around the table conversation. She’s being very public about her opinion on rappers, but now she recognized that these individuals are making some real money, even if they aren’t billionaires. So, now she do have some talks from time to time with these artists.

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