Moesha Star Faces Four Years in Prison for Allegedly Kicking His Girlfriend

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Did he do it or not?  Marcus T. Paulk, star of the hit TV show, “Moesha,” has been charged with domestic violence for allegedly kicking his girlfriend in the stomach.  Whatever happened, it was severe enough to put the woman in the hospital.

As a result of what happened on that fateful night, he may end up facing four years in prison.

Paulk turned himself in to police and was arrested on the spot. His girlfriend says that the two got into a verbal altercation, which escalated toward violence.  That’s when she says that he punched her in the face and kicked her in the stomach.

But there is another side to the story as well.  The girlfriend also admits that she threw punches at Paulk.  But the rule seems to be that whoever wins the fight is going to get put in handcuffs.

The rule of thumb is to avoid physical violence in a relationship.  If it gets to that point, you should probably just walk away.



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  1. I believe a lot of the male actors/entertainers we see on television hold dislike for women. Many of them secretly sleep with other men, I believe. So when they hit a woman, I am not surprised.

  2. It’s a sad day when a man and I do mean any man has to hit a woman. Yet it is also wrong for a woman to throw a punch first and expect not to get one back in return. Old saying ‘in order to get some behind you have to be willing to leave some behind yourself’. Woman claim to be the weaker sex, but they are quick to throw something, hit first and then cry he hurt me. Stop going into the lion cave with a toothpick and expecting to come out a winner.
    Men, it’s hard to walk away when you are being physically attack, but not one lady is worth you spending one cold, costly night in jail. When she hits you turn the table, call make the police report have her behind arrested and see how she likes it.
    Better yet if you can not have a intelligent argument and one of you must become violent, then maybe you are not meant to be together. Woman are abuser also. I said it and I meant it.

  3. No, the rule is everyone gets in trouble for domestic dispute, especially since she amitted to hitting too. I say everyone keep your hands and feet to yourself.

  4. Brothers the first time your woman says or does something that may provoke to violence leave her. American women win all arguments ending in violence even when they initiate the violence by calling 911.

  5. Everyone may get trouble, but men statistically get harsher penalties in this situation.

  6. What happened to anger management., couples counciling,. 1st offense, community service? … Where both people admitting to throwing punches.., Be-it he or her are subject to getting injured… Women are handling men quite well in some of these fights … Rule of thought BOTH people keep their hands to themselves in these domestic disputes…. Alot of these “Old Fashioned ” believers need to keep up with the times…

  7. Brother Harold, I believe you misinterpreted this incident involving Brother Marcus Paulk. Not very many men just beat a woman without cause. You deplore conditions in which men beat women but, your comments I am sorry to say failed address a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the attack. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to rest content with the superficial kind of social analysis that deal merely with effects and not grapple the underlying cause. We may never get to know the facts behind this unfortunate mishap, what we do know, Marcus Paulk’s girl friend is alive and did not sustain a serious injury and he may serve four years of his life in prison for this incident. A world apart from a full grown adult named, George Zimmerman who stalked, profiled, and murdered a child without any reason other than his hatred for African Americans and was never convicted nor served any time for murder. I really interested in receiving your comments on the lack of conviction for Trayvon’s murder.

  8. I do believe a lot of times that men start the physicality. That doesn't mean I believe that women don't hit their men; I've seen it both ways. But as a survivor of domestic abuse, I feel like if you put your hands on someone, you should be prepared for the consequences. ALL of them.

  9. Not true; I know couples who BOTH went to jail for that stupidity. If you allow WORDS to provoke you to violence, then perhaps you should be by yourself in the first place. If you have the propensity to HIT instead of TALK, then YOU are the problem. I have two sons and they KNOW that hitting a woman is NEVER acceptable. And they know if a woman hits them; they are to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, and NEVER return.

  10. When will we ever learn! He's Black so he will do time!

  11. He should get the max. You don't touch a lady. A real man walks away.

  12. They should get the same amount of time. I thought we wanted equality.

  13. He should go to jail

  14. LayLay Russell only seems to be speaking from her one aspect as a survivor. Everybody so quick to say "men shouldn't hit women and that's that" but you're so wrong. How can women want equal rights but don't wanna share equal punishment? The law is pretty one-sided in these cases. Men should never start the violence, but if they must defend themselves, they shouldn't go ham unless their life is in danger. Bottom line is, if you're man enough to throw punches, be man enough to take them. A real woman keeps her hands to herself. But basically nobody should be fighting nobody!…and for the record, my own Mother told me don't let anybody hit me, boy or girl.

  15. who care if he does go to jail we have better things like having our amendments taken away & martial kicking and the collapse of the US dollar wake up!!!

  16. LayLay Russell I have to respectfully disagree that men start the physicality. While the most reported cases of domestic violence are cases where men have abused the woman, it is a fact that most of the domestic violence cases in the United States are women women abusing men. These cases are extremely under reported due to embarrassment and shame that the men are feeling. I do agree, however, that if you put your hands on someone, you should be prepared for whatever consequences come your way. I, too am a survivor of domestic violence and I have an 18 year old son. I have made it very clear to him never to let a female put her hands on him. I always say a lady knows how to carry herself and a lady would never put her hands on anyone! BUT if a female is bold enough to ball up her fist and punch you in the face like she's a dude, she deserves to be handled like one!

  17. She should’ve cracked him in his mouth with a baseball bat. I despise woman beaters. I don’t care who threw the first punch, she should’ve taken out all of his teeth with a baseball bat.

    • If you dont’ want to get hit then don’t hit. Women are quick to hit, if a woman raises her hands to a man and gets knocked the f*ck out, she don’t cry about it, she be about it and take the chin chuck like the man she tried to act like.

  18. DAMN….

  19. As a woman, I don’t put my hands on a man because I don’t want him punching out my lights! I taught my two sons to never do it and I had to tell one young lady that thought it was ok to hit my youngest son that he could not hit her but I would kick her little narrow ass woman to woman! Had no more problems with her for she took her butt back to her mama. When things get so bad that you want to knock the hell out of each other, it is time for someone to walk out of the door and not return! That way no one ends up in jail.

  20. Oh please this sheit ain’t no domestic violence situation, they were BOTH FIGHTING and she got her azz handed to her. He shouldn’t spend one minute in jail.

  21. I've seen this firsthand.

  22. lock him up I got a problem with a man kicking a women in the stomach.

  23. LayLay Russell I don't see it your way. the way I see it ,you are to never put your hands on anybody. but if someone hits you first, no matter if its a man or a woman you kick that ass. the things women for get is they think they can hit you and that ok. but its not. just my view.

  24. LayLAy Russell. You are incorrect "the power of life and death is in the tongue." this is what the bible teaches. God created the world and the universe by speaking it into existence. Words are powerful! A man would be a dam fool to stay in a relationship with a woman who uses powerful and evil words which will eventually provoke him to respond. I suggest you instruct your sons to leave any woman who is not wise enough to mind her tongue even after the first hint. There are literally billions of woman on earth and there is no need to stay with an obnoxious fool and lose your freedom behind it.

  25. LaRahn Guthrie they want to blame the man for staying when he could have left and blame the man for leaving to avoid the conflict.

  26. Women and men start fights that lead to violence. but men invariably go to prison more often. I have taken the position that the first time a woman is obnoxious or rude with her words she gets dumped. No woman is worth my freedom. People don't change and when someone shows you who they are then you would be wise to believe them.

  27. Dennis Spurling I learn that the first time I move in with a woman. when I came home and everything I own was in garbage bags. that taught me one thing . get your own place, so if anybody leaves it wont be you. 2) I wont put up or live with anybody I have to argue with. saying that maybe that's why its just me and my dog.

  28. At least Michelle Pinkney recognizes SHE has a problem…most people would just assume they're right.

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