Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: Lil Mama Ordered to Pay $18K to Attorney

by / November 30, 2013 Black News one Comments

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Lil Mama sued by her attorneys for 18000. www.blacklikemoi.com


Reported by Maria Lloyd

Rapper/actress/model Lil Mama, who recently played the role of deceased rapper Left Eye in the TLC biopic, has just been slapped with a lawsuit from a former attorney.

According to TMZ, an intellectual property attorney sued the rapper, best-known for her “Lip Gloss” record and infamous performance crash at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, for failing to pay him since 2008. The lawyer claims he worked diligently to protect the rapper’s stage name up until 2011. Apparently the attorney was able to prove his case to the judge and Lil Mama was ordered to pay up $18,000, which should be chump-change for her — considering her recent success as an actress.

The rapper recently performed with TLC at the American Music Awards (AMA) following the debut of the group’s biopic. There were passionate remarks about the rapper’s performance with the legendary group on the AMA’s YouTube channel. Username RKO32491 commented: “The only thing I hated was the rap. Lil Mama would make the PERFECT addition to a NEW TLC but if they redid all the songs or performed in the futute [sic] she shoulf  [sic] make a new rap. Somethong original or remix the rap some. Add or subtract a line or two and kinda make it your own. That was we still get some old mixed with some new.” Another commenter with the username Carolina Maldonado commented: “Man,Lil mama was choking…. nobody like Lisa…. Lil mama rushed the whole part… sad actually…

Lil Mama’s drive and determination have brought her a long way. We believe she’ll continue to have a successful career despite having swarms of critics.


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  1. What is this lady's real name. I refuse to call here "little mama." She anin't no mama of mine. LOL

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