Is She a Jerk? Fan Does Tribute to Lolo Jones and She Insults Her Natural Hair

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Lolo Jones, a well known Olympic bobsled team member, is coming under fire for making a nasty comment about a twitter fan’s natural hairstyle when she dressed up as the Olympian.  A fan of Jones tweeted a picture on October 31st of herself dressed up in Olympian garb. The woman who calls herself Daniesa posted the picture with the following tweet, “Lola Jones 4 Halloween. I just need a hurdle.”

Lola Jones responded to the tweet with what some would consider an extremely nasty reply: “And a relaxer. I haven’t rocked curls since h.s.” The tweet was retweeted over 700 times and many people found the quick jab extremely offensive. Many people felt it was completely disrespectful to women who choose to rock natural hair. One tweeter told Jones she needs to “grow up” and that what she said was “rude.” Tweeter @Msboss788 also said that the Olympian should “apologize.”

Jones was called a lot of fowl names by tweeters who were not amused at all by her little comment dissing natural hair. Many tweeters rushed and defended the tweeter saying comments like “don’t relax your hair boo. You’re beautiful.”  Jones never clarified if she was taking a stab at natural hair or not. All she said was that her critics took the comments the wrong way.

Jones responded, “If I had curly hair & she had hers straight and I told her to get a curly perm to mimic no one would care but the other way ppl flip. #noted.” Surprisingly the young women who posted the tweet also defended Jones.  Daniesa defended the athlete by tweeting “I didn’t go wrong with my costume. I was as is and repped myself as her. Minus the hair. Which is her response. As a joke.”



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  1. Hmmmm, the saga of natural hair and deeply ingrained self hate continues…………………….

  2. It is so obvious why LOLOcontinues to expose who she is…arrogant, ungrateful and ignorant….with denial about here color.

    The word if GOD says be SLOW to speak and quick to listen.

    How about show some class and humility and be grateful that someone thought enough of your simple minded tail to want to be you…and just say say…Thank you!

    So , I will say to the young girl…YOU go girl!
    Keep your BEAUTIFUL GOD GIVEN curls.

    • You tell it, Sandra! My sentiments exactly.
      She needs to channel the spirit of Lena Horne. Now, that was a sister who could pass and never even thought about doing so. She had class and grace, something Ms. LoLo could surely benefit from trying to achieve.

  3. Oh we talking about the same bitch that made insults about Trayvon Martin's friend? Why am i not surprised at her latest antics she must've went to the School of Stacy Dash how to turn against black folks!!

  4. I guess her light skin, light colored eyes, and Relaxed hair must make her feel like she's actually "passing". Stacey Dash, too!

  5. LOLO didnt mean nothing by that comment- folks player hating on her. i love to have that beatiful woman as my wife. With them sparkiling eyes. WAKE UP AMERICA, YOU BEEN LEAD ASTRAY BY THE MEDIA- MIND CONTROL, MK ULTRA-

  6. Bullshit. This girl is constantly talking stupid. I see why her peers couldn't stand her ass. Why comment about the hair at all? Why not respond to such a flattering thing as someone dressing up as you for Halloween with a thank you or something else equally as gracious? It was a critique and she insults my intelligence if she expects me to think otherwise.

  7. You better say it!

  8. Yup

  9. With an attitude such as the one Ms Jones has, it no wonder she has not achieved any gold medals. The only reason she has endorsement is because of her complexion. Hurdles too high to get over, too low to get over!

  10. I think 'Lolo' Jones is rude, condescending, and insulting. She is obviously a half-breed who wants to be and look like something she is not, since she uses relaxer and hasn't "rocked curls since high school".This isn't the first time she has insulted another African-American woman and since she obviously has NO respect or home training, it probably won't be the last.

  11. I think she meant it as a joke..but who cares its sad that some people find this worth getting upset over…and feel the need to knock her..she wasn't talking to YOU..I think a lot of women aren't so comfortable with themselves and their ALL NATURAL hair choice..and if that's the case RELAX your damn "Nappy Fro" or your "Natural CURLS" and call it a day..you should be woman enough to DO YOU and not let what others say affect how you live your life…GROW-UP!..and stop blowing stuff all out of proportion!..Because guess what?..Sometimes it's really NOT about YOU!

  12. didn’t take this as being nasty or mean. I think what she is saying was that if this lady was actually going to be her for Halloween the LoLo Jones of today she should have had her hair in the same style as her. LoLo is saying she hasn’t had curls since high school. If you are going to mimic someone do their whole persona that includes hair. Thats like saying you are going to be Gail Devers without wearing long nails…it doesn’t match her and all LoLo was saying was this pic didn’t match how she looks now. Folks make an issue out of everything and nothing at all.

  13. She's welcome to guy's like you. You're just as shallow as she is, and you deserve each other. You'd make a decent woman's existence a living hell.

  14. Seems to me like an overblown issue; that is not to say those who favor the natural are wrong for feeling insulted – but is that what Lolo did, insult them? True, she has stuck her foot in her mouth numerous times; but, in this case seems like she's simply saying if it were a true representation of me presently, I haven't worn my hair like that in some time – while Ms Daniesa, in her reply notes that she was herself which is the natural hair, rocking a Lolo Jones costume. I just don't think Lolo went out of her way to insult anyone…and without context, which you cannot get in social media, its easy to make something out of nothing…imho

  15. Yes she is a jerk.

  16. Lolo need to stop worrying about black womens hair and get some dyck, celibacy doesn’t agree with her.

  17. Say it!

  18. “Excuse Me, I Am A Beauty (Prelude to Bowl of Fruit)”

    Even the sun caresses my beautiful shield as a duet of love
    Clothed in the skin I am in is perfection in a glove
    When God made me, He must have considered the rainbow
    My nostrils are receptive to fresh air and in nature I really glow

    My outward appearance- God created so that things in nature I could withstand
    Perhaps, my shield was what He envisioned when He said “Let us make man”
    I do not understand how this thing came to be twisted around
    My beauty once top level is now pushed nearly to the ground

    As he angrily spoke, a Black man told me what consisted in his idea of beauty
    It was not love in my eyes, regal smile, soft full lips, vivacious hips or well stacked booty
    Long hair, big breast, light skin and half his age were ideas that were a priority
    Repulsed, I cut off my hair in order to him to become even more of a minority

    Dark, light, brown, tan, yellow, red, and blue-black- ever heard these descriptions before
    Good, bad, kinky, long, short, nappy, curly, bald, and pretty- need I say any more
    Lynch Letter depictions continue still; although slightly hidden on the most wanted list
    Sad- when we think how some of us as a people have this view that still seems to exist

    A good foundation from the home is needed to build the confidence in every child
    When the outside world does not accept their beauty, the insult to them will be mild
    My parents never differentiated between our skin colors, hair textures or lengths
    We were always directed to God for acceptance and that is where we got our strengths

    When I am put down by someone who has no idea of what real beauty consists of
    I pity them, concentrate on my character, and stay focused on things from above
    A variety of the rainbow of fruits is available to those to pick what they choose
    Only a selfish person will pick the one he does not want and take it only to abuse

    No matter who you are, appreciate the beauty God has given you inside and out
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    If someone is not your taste of fruit, do not take them home
    It is best to leave them at market for someone else instead of all alone

    Gods created you, stand tall and be humble for before the fall, comes pride
    If you do not learn anything from what I say here, learn to love you inside
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  19. I used to love Lolo but after this comment fuck that

    What a cunt.

  20. Foul..the word is foul.

  21. Natural or perm..do we really need another line of division amongst us? Rock your hair as you see fit. Theres so much more we need to focus on. That was uncalled for, Lolo. Shows a decided lack of maturity.

  22. Umm Let's call a spade a spade. hon. Miss Lolo was READING and being fierce with her snap. Lets be clear about that. No back peddling, please. However, I don't think she was dissing natural hair, just the fact that natural hair is not in her color scheme and hasn't been for years. Miss tweeter could have gotten a wig for costume authenticity, for the effect but her natural hair is beautiful.

  23. Just cuz your an olympian doesnt make you smart. Just getting a little taste of her personality shes an insecure dumb bitch and she seems to make that more appearant everytime she opens her mouth

  24. That is what happens when your life is unhappy. You take issue about small things.

  25. when someone tries to emulate you, especially when u don't actually have any gold medals, you should be flattered not critical. celebrities, which i don't really want to consider her but anyway, need to learn not to tweet, post, or instagram everything they think, say, and do. her little "joke" woulda been fine for a little side chuckle with a friend but for the fan who was obviously trying to show her that she looks up to her a "thank you" would have sufficed. lolo has very little claim to fame at this point and 1-should be glad anyone is dressing up as her for halloween, and 2- should be focusing on trying to win at her craft not READING folks or perpetuating self hate. i mean if we're gonna call a spade a spade and all.

  26. Lolo is right! relaxe them naps !!! Hell I was Ice cube for Halloween so I grew the full beard out.

  27. I think she is just trying to stay in the news by offering shocking, controversial, and offensive statements. She has to do this because she failed miserably at track, and as a result, was forced to participate in the winter olympics in order to keep competing. Without her repeated, and insulting remarks, would anyone be talking about her at all?

  28. There is nothing wrong with "naps". There is enough division between us as a people.

  29. Kahli Randall Small YASSSSSSSS i'm here for the entirety of your comment.

  30. Wow….

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