The Ink Just Dried on Chad, and Evelyn is Already Six Months Pregnant

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So much for happily ever after.  If you were like anyone else who follows reality TV, you knew that the marriage between Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson was going to last about as long as an episode of Basketball Wives.  Similar to her counterpart Kim Kardashian, Evelyn and Chad threw out the little part of their marital vows that said “Till death do you part,” parting ways less than two months into their marriage.

Evelyn has moved on, and it seems that she’s moved on even more than most people thought.  It turns out that Evelyn is now six months pregnant with a baby coming from  a man that she’s been dating for a year.

So, let’s do the math:  She got married last year on July 4, 2012.  She got divorced on September 19, 2012.  It’s now November, 2013 and she’s six months pregnant with a man she’s been dating for a year.  People seem to move pretty fast these days don’t they?

TMZ says that the pregnancy was entirely planned, which means that after knowing each other for just a little while, Evelyn and her man were hitting the skins with no protection.  Good luck with that.  And good luck with the baby.

To give background, Evelyn has a 20-year old daughter, Shaniece.   She was born when she was 17 years old.


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  1. Evelyn is what is termed as a WHORE. She's full of men's bones and DNA.

  2. The old keep a dude baby! LMAO

  3. Does anybody know what sunglasses she's wearing?

  4. And let the name calling begin. Nice sunglasses!!

  5. I feel bad for her daughter.

  6. What wonderful values she has taught her daughter. Goes on national t.v. and let everybody see her go the the bed room to get boned. Gets beat up by the guy. Cries on tv and blames her mom and dad for her poor decisions and now is knocked up with some man's bastard child. Whoredum at its best. This reads like one of this Spanish novellas…Sadly she will be coming back to the Black community for comfort.


  8. Okay ill start first, Skank ass slore, of course this appears to be the norm now with the majority of women, especially Black or Latina, yeah I said the sh!t dammit!!!! Wonder why no one is trying to marry they’re asses, what a pity…smfh.

    • I married the love of my life. A woman of very high morals and Iintellect. Black, beautiful, and socially aware. I know I am not alone in feeling blessed and happy. Sorry you have such a narrow viewpoint. I am also smh…

  9. Really? Is paternity court show the next stop for this woman? Does she want her daughter to follow in her footsteps? I doubt it seriously.

  10. Setup from the get go. Two month break after split from Chad and she was already dating? Hmmmm. Women thou art loose.

  11. Anyway…..

  12. Hoe

  13. My brother an I had a conversation about Evelyn and Chad relationship. Immediately my antenna went up. I told my brother ALEDGEDLLY someone is using her to break Chad. My siblings an I know what Domestic Violence first hand. Our youngest sister was Murdered by her husband. Evelyn used that for a front played with people emotions. She was On FIX MY LIFE. She didn’t want the reunion because Her True Colors will be on display. ONLY THE MOST HIGH CAN CHANGE A WHORE INTO HOUSEWIFE. The original circle Jen, Tammi and Shaunie are basketball wives.. Karma Ev.

  14. Evelyn is GOLD DIGGING, fame WHORE. That's it.

  15. My prayers out to this unborn child may jesus be with you baby amen

  16. I said the next sport she would get into was baseball. She’s making the rounds!When this doesn’t work, she will move on to boxing, golf, or soccer. All she is doing is looking for is a steady paycheck and she will use this baby to acquire it. That is what’s really sad. The bump on her head that Chad put there hasn’t even healed properly and she’s already on to the next one. I guess her former reality co-star Jennifer was right after all. It didn’t work out and Chad was a womanizer. But she’s just as bad because she portrays herself as a money hungry, gold- digging whore! Does she really want the baby and the man or just the child support check that will be attached?

  17. What she needs to do is let herself heal and stop running from man to man. No man is going to give her what she is looking for, she has to find it inside.

  18. Shameful… and she’s Puerto Rican, not black nor hispanic… it doesn’t matter what race it is these days… God is color blind, but people are brain-dead with absolutely no sense of direction at all.
    American is out of control period. What goes up must come down… / bad karma back-at-cha-EVE…

  19. Basket-Ball-Wives is a dead subject man… don’t cha think!! I can’t even last threw an episode anymore, so I nolonger watch the boring azz show…

  20. Since everybody is calling this woman a whore and stuff, this is a prime example of what's wrong with the black community. Instead of being happy that the woman may be settling down, you want to call her names. Maybe you wouldn't know what was going on in her life had she not been in the public eye. Blacks need to stop acting like they have a heaven or hell to send somebody to. Live and let live. Some of you just came from doing some dirt yourselves. He who is without sin cast the first stone. PLEASE HAVE SEVERAL SEATS WITH THE NONSENSE. Oh, by the way, congrats, Evelyn. Hopefully you'll find some peace.

  21. Well since she agreed to be on Tv putting her business out there for profit, how could she not expect people to give their opinion of her actions, further more who could be happy for a woman that takes advantage of men for money, to so call settle down, were the only community that won't call a spade a spade, and justify ratchet whorish behavior as the norm, then have the nerve to use God as shield against being called out for their whorish behavior. She would be shunned even hard if she were apart of any other community. No one believes this woman is finally settling down, hell we thought that when her and Chad were plastered all over tv with their business.The only people that are happy for gold diggers and tramps are usually other gold diggers tramps.

  22. Stan Hamilton Jr. , you can't condemn anyone. If you really think she has a problem, why not help her instead of name calling. I said in no way, shape, or form that I condone what she did/does. However, that's not my business even if she did put it on t.v. it's is not my place to speculate. or anyone else's HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. you ask who can be happy for this woman? I can be if she has changed. if not, I'll pray for her. I'm not using God as a shield. That's something I would expect for someone that just wants to talk about somebody and how they live their life. ONE THING WRONG WITH THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS THAT WE CAN'T LIVE AND LET LIVE. if she is wrong, let GOD handle her. Stop selling wolf tickets so much. You, or anyone else commenting didn't die on a cross for others' sins. ONCE AGAIN, STOP ACTING LIKE YOU HAVE A HEAVEN OR HELL TO SEND PEOPLE TO.

  23. Stan Hamilton Jr. I hope you weren't inferring that I am a gold digger or tramp. I am a college student working towards my DNP with a job. You do not know me from Adam's house cat to even assume that.

  24. Jaque Elysia Miles , please help her with what? She is obviously aware of her actions, and obviously could care less cause she's setting a good example for her daughter that she has now right??and you're not gonna die for her to stop me from saying what i want about her behavior, so what gives with your defense of her unless you condone what she's doing, and I don't have to know you from Adam's bird, dog, cat, or rat to state the obvious.And once again if its out in the public and she even agrees for It to be out there especially for profit then what would anyone expect? The public has a right to say what they want, please stop repeating who can condemn and who can't cause were supposed to keep each other in check in our community like it used to be, people use to have shame and know not to even cross the line cause they knew they would get checked, that's what's wrong with our community. The women have no shame (careless apathetic behavior) and the men have no outrage (cowards) and vice versa. Whenever we stand up and speak against sinful actions there's always a problem. To say that we are not to judge others is a complete fallacy. In John we are called to, “Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment” (John 7:24). In this verse we are called to not judge others simply by appearances, but by using careful discernment.Yeah go ahead and take a snippet of the Bible to try and condone sin, because you don't have a heaven or hell to send me to either. Now go ahead and reply with and attitude so you can get the typical last word and feel like you won something.

  25. Stan Hamilton Jr. If you are for checking people, check yourself. Get mad all you want, but you really cant judge or condemn anybody. And no, you don't know me. All you know is that I'm cramping your style by saying that you cant judge a person. Your logic is erroneous, Please have several seats. Now I'm done, sir. Have a nice life.

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