Hermain Cain is Determined to Get Revenge on the Woman Who Brought Him Down

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Remember Herman Cain?  He was the guy who thought he might be President of the United States, but got in trouble because he couldn’t keep his urges in his pants.  Well, Cain is back and still fighting for his damaged reputation.

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO says that he doesn’t want the rest of his career to be covered in a cloud of suspicion after a younger woman named Ginger White brought down his campaign by stating that the two had a romantic relationship outside his marriage.

“I refuse to leave my reputation under a dark cloud that has no relation to the truth,” Cain wrote on his

“The accusations were false. I have never sexually harassed a woman and I did not have an affair with Ginger White.”

Cain says that he didn’t want to address the matters in the past in order to protect his family. But he says that he has always had facts that proved that the woman was just a liar.  He says that White’s decision to help in the production of books detailing his personal life are also what led him to speak out now.

“Until now, I have never offered the facts that expose these accusations as lies, although I have been in possession of them,” Cain wrote. “It is now time to do so, not only because the false accusations have received renewed attention with the publication of a book that discusses them, but more importantly because I refuse to live my life, pursue my radio and professional career or do anything else that God has left for me to do in this world with a dark cloud attached to my reputation that is not consistent with the truth.”

Cain says that the allegations made by an employee who says he harassed her were dismissed by a government agency.

“The accusation never made it to court. A review by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found that the charges were baseless. Despite trying to thereafter negotiate a settlement greater than normal, the accuser ended up receiving typical termination pay.”

He also says that Ginger White was being sued for libel at the time of her allegations in the media.   He says that this proves that she has no credibility, since her former business partner has proven her to be an untruthful and deceitful human being.   He also says that White was seeking to use the allegations as a chance to live a better life.

“While she was all over the media enjoying her ‘fifteen minutes of fame’… she was being sued by a former business partner for libel – in lay terms, for making false statements. She did not show up for the court appearance and the court subsequently ruled in favor of her former business partner. All of this is a matter of public record.”