Harry Belafonte Explains Why He Called Out Jay-Z; and He’s Not Backing Off

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Harry Belafonte explains that he wasn’t speaking specifically about Jay-Z when it comes to lacking social responsibility. ┬áBut he does stick to his point.


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  1. JAY-Z has a right to do whatever he pleases with his deals just as i have the right to say when he could have made a difference, he went for the all mighty buck ie: he's sellout on this issue. Really,he is not on the way up and needs the money to pay the rent! He doesn't owe money toi the IRS so, for a few pieces of silver ——–!

  2. I was unable to read the article, but knowing Mr. Belafonte I can imagine what he said. I would like to add: all of us should be socially responsible! All! We may not be able to give substantial amounts of money but we can give quality time using whatever we are proficient in to aid in our quest for freedom. We can contribute our pennies, nickels and dimes. With millions doing that the total amount collected would be astronomical! Sure, some of us have more than others but we can all make a significant contribution. I am not going to put it all in the laps of those who have become multi-millionaries among us. They are few, but collectively Black folks make over a trillion dollars a year, and spend 97 percent of it with others! Jay Z is just like most of the rest of us: selfish, irresponsible, self-hateful and has made a god out of money and white folks, you know, suffering from a slave mentality. Before we condemn our celebrities and the rich among us, look in the mirror. Are we any better?

    • Well said.

  3. I like how Belafonte mentioned the fact that the generations before us opened doors for Jay-Z. If not for that Jay-Z would still be selling CDs and crack out of the trunk of his car on the streets of Brooklyn or in prison!

  4. It is wonderful that people like Brother Harry Belafonte who could have just take the money and run did not do so but are standing up for the Great Struggle which continues Greatly still for all people of colour but especially people of The Great African Decent.I wish that I could grovel at the feet of the Great Brother Harry Belafonte and learn from him. We should be very proud of the brother and all those brothers and sisters who are making money who do not see that I feel sorry for them and in order that we know who is with us we have a special camp for such people.When I studdy the world and my life I can really see the Great Damage that this European Culture has wilfully done and still wilfully evilly doing to the world.

  5. Let’s get real Jay Z knows that if he dreams of any involvement in any positive social action the record companies he works for will shut him down.He is on their plantation.Also he does not as of yet have the cultural back ground of Harry.What we have here is a black man asking a nigger to be greater than the box society has placed him.To make less money but a make a greater impact

  6. Apostate Boppers have all this libertine dick-jewelry. Study Jigger! His definition of manhood was cultivated by a homsexual (classified mentally ill, up until '73) WOMAN, for Pete's sake…

  7. #homo…u know what I'm "talmbout"

  8. JayZ has all the money he does NOT need, so for him to be afraid or worried about Record companies tells me one thing and one thing only, HE IS POSSESSED by MONEY. That is the root to all evil and this is why I do not support JayZ or Beyonce’. Neither of them are doing an ounce of good for the black community, along with so many others. But thing is that both he and Beyonce are also adding negative images and a lack of integrity to the community. JayZ, with his volatile lyrics and ghetto mentality. Making young boys believe that they can become rich and famous by selling drugs or hussleing, instead of giving them a sense of pride and education. When have you ever heard JayZ or Beyonce talk about education. The both of them are cancerous to the black community. And whether they are role models or not is not the issue. You don’t have to be a role model to be responsible.

  9. Money is not the root of all evil. It is the “love” of money that is the root of all evil. This statement is always misquoted. When the lions such Mr. Belafonte leaves I wonder who will take the lead? He has fought this battle for a long, long time. Now it seems as if those with a voice and platform feels “I’ve gotten mine, now you get your own. That they’ve forgotten on whose shoulders they stepped on to get where they think they are. It is unbelievable that reading site after site there are those that honestly believe all is well in America. I do not know if they are trying to fool themselves or me!

  10. Belafonte helped fund MLK and others! Sam Cooke was found murdered after he announced he would fund Malcolm X! Most of todays Negroes aren't shit compared to these folks!


  12. Harry Belafonte is the man!

  13. My opinion is, if Jay Z were to be more pro active as a leader to black people and culture, he would be slain. And he knows it, too. Just like Pac and BIG. Just like Malcolm and Martin. Yes, I put their influence on the upliftment of the black struggle on the same plain. BIG wasn't really spoken in terms of "on the front line", but he had the influential prominence of a great leader. I know Mr. Belafonte has done tremendous work as a humanitarian, but I don't think was as recognized by the black youth as the aforementioned martyrs. Therefore, he wasn't as big a threat to the controlling society. But, forget Jay Z. It's not in his DNA too give his life for his people. We have to look towards a brighter tomorrow. That some people will rise out of rubble and will be more like all those that Mr. Belafonte mentioned, who are willing and care enough, and are charismatic enough to shake the youth, sans Hip Hop, and really make a difference emotionally and spiritually & not materialistically or heirarchal.

  14. These Youth should be Honored to sit and talk to these Giants while they’re still here, it can only help them, but no they know all, and can’t take advice from an 85 year old man.!

  15. We have to help each other! Mr Belafonte is on point. We gotta have an Agenda! There’s an interesting video on Youtube, entitled The BlackMan(State of Emergency),which should be seen by the masses. It’s a guide for doing the right thing!

  16. Thank you……. Mr. Harry Belafonte.

    For your constance, in illuminating that guiding beacon of light.
    You are …..The Greatest Generation!……………..
    And knowing…. your life’s work….”you” would love to see it TRUMPED!

    We see you ……we here you…….we… are….out here!

    all green lights

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