Girl Got Internet Fame for Punching Another Girl, Now May Go to Jail after Suicide

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A girl who gained Internet fame for a disgusting and violent act may end up going to jail.  Sharkeisha is her name, Sharkiesha Tyeshia Thompson to be exact.  She became instantly famous after confronting another girl over a dispute, sneaking up on her and punching her in the face as hard as she could.  Even worse, the girl followed the punch with a severe kick to the face that could have left the girl blind or brain damaged.

Now,  a person who appears to be Sharkeisha on Twitter is finding out that glorifying violence can have horrible consequences.  According to IbTimes, Sharkeisha says that police are questioning her about a suicide that occurred as a result of the incident.  She doesn’t say that the suicide was committed by the girl she punched on video, but this could possibly be the case.

The account still hasn’t been verified to be Sharkeisha’s, but the username is @LilButtSHAR and consists of someone who has been bragging for days about the fame that has come from the video.  Her profile says that she doesn’t “take ahit from nobody!!!!” and she is about the same age as the girl in the clip.  She has 20,000 followers.

“HOW CAN U BE BLAMED IF SOMEONE KILLED THEIRSELF??????” she wrote on her twitter page this week.

Then, she continued to tweet about how the police were harassing her and stated that she is in a great deal of trouble for what she did.

“Wtf the police knocking on my door and sh*t,” she wrote. “Calling my house 3 times in a row.”


The video is below and is disgusting.  It also makes you wonder if the violent reality shows on TV are affecting the way young girls deal with each other at school. We are only showing the video because it’s part of the story. But we actually would rather you didn’t watch it. It’s up to you.

We’d also like to “thank” World Star Hip-Hop for glamorizing violent and tragic incidents that lead to tremendous pain for so many families.  You idiots are doing a real public service.  We hope the money is worth it.


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  2. Well… I live in Houston and just saw on TV last night the victim in this video. She is alive and seems like an amazing young lady. Unless she killed herself between last night and this afternoon, she is alive…hurt and embarrassed by all of the hateful things people are saying, but she is/was alive as of last night’s newscast. But on a larger note, it is downright disgusting that this has become an Internet sensation. It is a serious indictment on the state of our young people.

  3. This young girl needs to be brought up on charges as well as her coward friends who video-taped it for her. As for the ignorant comments about being bullied makes you a stronger person and the fools that agreed with, I feel sorru for you people. Bullying is a coward’s act of self-hatred. NO ONE deserves to be bullied and shouldn’t have to deal with other people’s ignorance. Unfortunately it happens but I look forward to the day when bullies get their just desserts. This Sharkeisha needs a good ole fashion beat down. She had to sneak the young lady. What a serious worthless piece of ghetto trash she is. I hope she meets her bully in jail so she can feel what she put that young lady through over some boy that could careless about her ghetto behind.

  4. With so much media, people will do anything for fame even if it wrong, embarrassing and could cost a person jail time. This young lady should go to jail. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME – PURE ENTERTAINMENT. Can we start treating each other like humans.

  5. This young girl is a disgusting human being and in my opinion, she is one young person that should be jailed. She is one who will never learn, will be pregnant soon, will be 400 pounds by the time she’s 25 with no self esteem, and wondering what she’s going to do with her life from that point forward.

    I’ll bet her parents/guardians and other family members condone such behavior. Otherwise, it’s not likely she’d be acting like such a fool and animal (yes I said animal) The parents, if they do exist, are likely to be absent parents.

    This is truly a shame and a disgrace!!!

  6. I think the perpetrators who video tape should be held accountable as well….just as guilty!!!

    • I agree with you 100%! What kind of person stands there & videos someone getting beat up (probably over nothing)?!

  7. I’ve screamed it over and over and gotten my head bashed in (not physically) for saying parents are to blame for the chaos in our communities. Where are the parents? This (can’t call her a lady) person is a coward to sucker punch the other child. There should be legal ramifications for her actions. I hope the other young lady sues this trashy girl. What ever it takes to get her attention before she does this to the wrong person

  8. The parents had the nerve to name this hoodrat after the majestic SHARK. Shark-iesha!!!!!

    • Miss B…
      I hear you loud and clear… Many of these names came from uneducated ghetto babies having babies and thinking all that shyt was cute. When I was growing up as a young girl in junior and high-school going to baby showers for girls my age was a no no under my parents roof… I use to get angry at my mom because I felt like I was missing out on all the fun and I didn’t understand her reasoning… but I never disrespected my mother… later on I understood why she never allowed me and my sister to attend showers…. I have 2 beautiful daughters ages 28 & 34, never been married, but have no babies without fathers hanging off their azz.
      I have no grand-babies by my daughters yet… but I’m proud of the way I raised all 4 of my children and I’m a blessed mother too.
      I wasn’t perfect, but I did my best… especially with my girls because I didn’t want to see them get used up sexually by men and bring babies home for me to help them raise / I don’t think so not the redbone!!!

      • What man would marry your crazy ass. We understand why you’re a bitter old lady with a lot of hate for men. Stop blaming men for knowing you were a damn fool and to stay away from your crazy ass because it would’ve definitely led to divorce. Hopefully you didn’t home school your kids. Not sit your old ass down in the bitter and lonely section of the room.

        • LMAO!!! Wow so JEALOUS!!! Sorry Boo!!! No old lady lives here, but speaking of bitterness… If you read your own damn post you’ll actually see where the real bitterness is coming from… and damn your-so-fckn-out-of-CONTROL-dude…
          Wow!!! you actually degraded yourself from brother to dude cuz real proud brothers / aka: real black-men don’t act like you.. so we just gotta figure out which rock you climbed from under or go search our star-maps and figure out which dark planet you actually came from… Wow! Redbone sure has gotton under your skin, is yo dick hard too!!! cuz damn dude!!! you must not be getting fed or something…

          • Your delusional statements in your post show why your ignorant ass never found a husband. Still thinking you’re young with a 34 year old daughter. lol…Too bad your girls had to suffer growing up without a man in the house due to no man crazy enough to marry your crazy ass. Now your old bitter and miserable ass have the answers to everything and the solutions to nothing. Some people bring happiness wherever they go, you bring happiness whenever you go. Must be sad knowing you will die lonely, bitter and never married. Bye…God loves you. But no one else does!

          • David Jones…

            You sure do enjoy sitting your young immature spiritually deaf ignorrant-azz on your own bed of inflicted painful nails don’t you LMAO!!!! Your so cluelessly blind you can’t even discern that you’ve lost and your looking real (STUPID) right about now.
            LMAO!!! If you have a degree or really do have some damn sense who would ever know it… Redbone is show under your skin LMAO!!! I was married and pregnant with my first child at the age of 18yrs old… my children have a young mother… now don’t you feel like the fool LMAO!!! and all 4 of my children have the same father and the same last name… I was married for 18 yrs not that its any of your business, but you really do need to understand that you keep putting your nasty toes in your own damn mouth because nobody in this blog room gives a damn about whats going on in your head… I’m trying to tell your militant-mentally-ill-azz that you lost the war before you even began… Where is your mother? get your azz up off the PC and go get her right now so she can see how your disrespecting her… cuz that’s all your doing little clueless wet behind the ears little boy / child…. You lack so much intelligence its a damn shame… You haven’t even begun to be a man yet…LMAO!!!

          • Girl shut the hell up oh my goodness. Take your ass back to the retirement home .Your reads are dry as hell. Please stop. You’re making my eyes bleed when I read your shit.

        • Your post is disturbing. The lady you are responding to said some very correct things. We need to stop letting out girls associate with girls who have children because it gives the impression that this behavior is okay and it is not.

          There is no excuse for unwed and unwanted pregnancies. Birth control is free at a lot of clinics and girls get it and don’t use it.

          Young girls do not need babies for their moms to raise. What is wrong with you spewing such hate against this lady?

  9. I was raised by wonderful parents. When I got in my late teens, I showed my ass BIG time. It continued until I had my daughter at the age of 21 to make me sit, appreciate, and realize what my parents was telling me all along which was not to hurt me, but to help and better me. Unless we know the history of her parents, they are not the blame SHE is!!!! sHE MADE HER CHOICE, AND NOW SHE HAS TO BE PUNISHED!!!!! iM 43, AND MY DAUGHTER IS NOW 21, WE CAME AND STILL ARE FROM THE SOUTH SIDE OF bROOKLYN ny. I managed to do a good job raising her solo, put her through college and showed her the right way to the best of my ability. But i BE DAMMED if she one day takes my gun and blows somebody away…and Im the blame. SHe will have to be held accountable for her actions PERIOD!! STOP BLAMING THE PARENTS!!!!!

  10. I totally agree w/alot of these comments bt ppl are intitled to thr opions rathr we agree w/thm or not. But rapbone thanks for sharen tht personal info bt u dnt hv2 prove ur points to non of these haters&misunderstood ppl on here! Dnt kp arugen ppl who are internt tuff! Lol

    • Thank You nakeahodge…
      I’m kool… especially when it comes to clueless and ignorance. I expressed how I feel and now I feel even better inspite of…wink!!!

    • nakeahodge… LMAO!!! LOL….

      Redbone was really just being nice in her remarks to Mr. David Jones, cuz I could realllllly!!! go there with him, but I’m trying to tame my tongue these days, and I think I really did well LMAO!!!

  11. This is not a Black or white problem. This is a societal problem. Have you not read about the white teenagers that committed suicide after being bullied by their white peers? What do we expect young people to do when we applaud adult , professional athletes fighting each other, violence on so-called “reality” shows and violence in the movies?
    I just saw what I thought was going to be a fun movie, ” The Best Man Holiday,” and the audience seemed to get the most joy out of two scenes, both involved two adults fighting each out.
    So how can we expect children to behave better than adults when we feed them this stuff as “fun” and “entertainment?”

    • Send her straight to jail. We can no longer tolerate this type of behavior in our youth.

      • 100%… put the heffa-cat in jail or tye her azz to the f–kn train tracks… Anybody who wants to feel sorry for her azz (just picture her hitting one of your kids)… If the f–kn shark would have landed the punch in the victims temple the victim would be dead right now…
        The evil-azz shark didn’t stop with a damn punch, she even went as far as to kick the girl in the face… I applaud the victims mother for filing charges… Pleazz see this threw until that demon-seed is behind bars… cause believe-me somebody behind those bars is waiting on her azz / her lesson awaits… Everybody who saw that video has been touched deep down in some kind of way / dirty is dirty as dirty as it getzzzz!!! Hell yeah I gotta lot to say about, its my priviledge…

  12. “On my “Natural” side”….If that was my daughter that she “Suckered” Punch….I would have Killed that lil Hoodlum and told God …..she died…”Sooooo VERY Serious”!!

    Oh D@#$%…”AMALEKITE”!!

    On my Spiritual side….”The Church”….has “Allowed” this World to….”Go…to…HELL”!!

    “God….”PLEASE”…HELP….”The PARENTS”, that’s raising these Children…”As-Animals”!! For Surely her Parents and/or Guardians has seen this video and “THEY” Should have turned her into the Police!!!

    And, Lord…..PLEASE….PLEASE….PLEASE….HELP the Baby Girl that ,that Amalekite/Bully hit ……Please let her know that she “MUST” be doing something “Right” w/her Life….for the devil to attack her like that….and we PRAY….PRAY…PRAY that she hasn’t committed Suicide…..tears…..that would Horrific for this World to absorb that and keep allowing this Barbaric behavior to go on……”GOD….HELP….US….TODAY”!!

    In Jesus Mighty Name…… ~Selah~

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  14. In slavery days, they had nothing but whips and chains. Now that we’re free, we just want whips and chains.

  15. Its a darn shame that we as a people cannot get along with one another. We are all about fighting. That is all we do is fight, fight, fight! I just can’t believe the hate we have towards one another, and we have the nerve to talk about white people. Why do we hate one another? How did we get this way? We as African Americans have no love or respect for one another and alot of other races in this country sees that. That is why they have no respect for us.

    • @Mike…

      Its sad huh!!! Extremely humiliating and degrading to our race, and your also right (we can’t continue blaming white-folks) but many will beg to differ….

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