Forest Whitaker Turned Down The Opportunity To Play Obama On Film


By: Britt L

Forest Whitaker has played plenty of legendary roles throughout his extraordinary career. However, he turned down what could have been his best script reading to date.

In an interview with The Independent, Whitaker said he was offered the chance to play president Barack Obama in the 2010 film, “My Name is Kahn.”

“I was asked if I would play President Obama  ‘My Name is Khan,'” said Whitaker. “I didn’t feel comfortable with doing it. Partly because he was still in office, but mainly because I felt that there were other people who were better suited to doing the role.”

The film eventually hired actor Christopher B. Duncan for the role of Obama. Whitaker expressed to the publication that he would have liked Will Smith to have played the part( but of course, that wasn’t his choice). Duncan is widely known for his role as Clarence Wiedman on the television series “Veronic Mars.”

Duncan has a video on YouTube impersonating the 44th president on Jay Leno’s talk show.

Although Whitaker shooed the opportunity to act as the president, the actor still has a connection to Obama. Whitaker starred in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” the film that President Obama said made him shed a tear.

“I teared up thinking about not just the butlers who worked here in the White House, but an entire generation of people who were talented and skilled,” exclaimed Obama in an interview.

“Because of Jim Crow and because of discrimination, there was only so far they could go.”

In “The Butler,” Whitaker played the role of Cecil Gaines, a servant who worked for eight presidents in the white house during his tenure.

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  1. WizardG at 1:40 am

    There are too many people, but especially “blacks” who have no idea who is running this country, and how we got to this point! Let me remind you of the history of this country, and at the same time let me inform you that the people who set-upon the natives of this country with the intentions to take everything from them at all costs, have not suddenly ended that modus operandi! The descendants of those same world-plunderers are still hard at work plundering countries, and draining this one dry! They use every tool in the book. They are better at their trade than they have ever been, and with psychological-warfare tools at their disposal, they can commit themselves to hiding in the background while using “surrogates” to be front-men for their exploits! Mr. Obama is such a front-man just as all politicians and government officials play some role whether they know or not! Most of them know! The easiest way to literally plunder the world is to do it using the leaders of each nation. If those leaders refuse, they can be easily deleted and replaced! If they go along with the slow and steady drain of resources and wealth from the people of their countries, they live wealthy lives filled with lies, secrets, fakery and fantasy!

    We live in an era of internet freedom, but that freedom is quickly being eradicated. We live in an era where whistleblowers are trying to inform us of the who and how, of the harms being perpetrated against us. But alas many of us have been so brainwashed, hypnotized, and literally brought up into the hype that we cannot see what is glaring and profound, and in right out there our faces! You actually think kindly of people who are selling you and your children “down the river” so to speak! So naive are the average US citizens that they will believe almost anything if it is stated by certain people, and done in just the right way! But that is why psychology is so important to understand! We are all subjected to mental con-games that span the length of our entire lives. I would suggest that you stop trying to be so happy, and believing in fantasy, and start learning the true facts surrounding our lives!

    I wouldn’t bother to watch a movie about Obama if i were you, because real life activity is right in front of you, and it is much more scarier and factual than any movie these ‘maggots’ would make of a political surrogate. In fact, it would need to be a ‘horror movie’ to be more factual! You should realize that our brains are in total disarray and we are oblivious to that fact!

  2. Dee at 9:24 am

    I don’t believe this would have been his best script he’s read to date. But that’s what’s in caption to get us to read the article. A waste of time.

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