Chilli of TLC Creates Online Petition To Stop Media From Bullying Celebrity Kids

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TLC chilli and son

By: Britt L

TLC’s Chilli has been in the spot light since the release of her TLC biopic, “Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story,” released early October.

However, Chilli’s happiness in the public eye was short lived when a blog site decided to post malicious statements about her beloved 16-year-old son, Tron.

After the popular black celebrity blog site Mediatakeout ran a crude story about Tron, the 90’s pop and R&B star decided to create an online petition, urging the press to cease and refrain from distributing any hateful stories about celebrity children.

The petition comes shortly after Mediatakeout published a blog post about Tron’s taste in clothes and the styling of his hair.

Christal Jordan, Chilli’s longtime publicist from Enchanted PR, released a statement about Chilli’s petition and explained that she too is a mother and is appalled by the attacks on Chilli’s 16-year-old son.

“I hope you will take a moment to read the letter in the link below from my client Chilli, from the group TLC. Recently the group has been in the headlines with the success of the VH1 biopic (CLICK HERE if you missed that) and we appreciate the constant support for TLC and their projects. However, MediaTakeOut has repeatedly attacked Chilli’s 16 year old son,” said Christal.

“I spoke with him last week, from a professional standpoint and explained to him that as a PR for his mother I advise her on how we handle her image. Many times I advise her against speaking out, however in this instance I found myself thinking less with my professional mind and instead speaking from a mother’s perspective,” Christal concluded.

On Chilli’s Change.org petition, a statement directly from Chilli reads:

Recently my son was targeted negatively by popular gossip site MediaTakeOut.com. I can’t describe the anger I felt at my son being ridiculed continuously by MediaTakeOut.com for no other reason than the fact that he’s my son. MediaTakeOut.com has posted numerous false stories about me, and other celebrity friends of mine and while I don’t like it, I realize that is a part of what comes with celebrity. However when my 16-year-old son is being attacked, that is when I take off the celebrity hat and become the protective Mother that I am, and I know many of you are.

Adults have the mental capacity to deal and prioritize. Most importantly my son had no choice in who his mother was just like many other celebrity kids do not.  It isn’t fair that our children have to deal with cyber bullying because of the career choice of their parents. Anyone under the age of 18 should not be ridiculed or targeted by MediaTakeOut.com or any other website.

When word spread that Chilli created the website in honor of her son and other bullied victims, Fred Mwangaguhunga, CEO and founder of Mediatakeout, released a public apology on the site and promised to confront the individuals responsible for the stories about Tron.

“As many of you are aware, MediaTakeOut.com has a strict policy against criticizing children, whether children of celebrities or otherwise, wrote Fred. ” It’s not clear how an article that clearly violated our stated policy was published, but rest assured that I will get to the bottom of it. I plan to take action against the MTO staffer who wrote the article, and put in place additional safeguards to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Our sincere apologies go out to Tron, Chili, his family and anyone else that were offended by our comments.”

Fred Mwangaguhunga Editor, MediaTakeOut.com

Since the apology was posted, several of the Tron stories on the website have been removed.

It was a great move for the founder to apologize, but will Chilli’s petition really encourage blog sites from bashing celeb teens? Only time will tell.

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  1. Who cares? You are a celebrity. Your kids will have to learn to live with that. I am sure you supported Sarah Palin where her daughters were attacked by the press for no reason.

  2. Chilli get over it. A petition for celebrity kids only? How about standing up for ALL kids bullied??? How about talking to your 16 yr old child about the pitfalls of being a child of a celebrity di that he is prepared for the bs and then his p.r. team can do their job and go in with lawsuits blazing OR be like so many other celebrity parents and keep his azz out the spotlight. A lot of celebrities make sure their kids are NOT in the spotlight. Get real and stop trying to get more media time by any means pissible. Gawd!

    • You sound stupid with your comment. This kid is never in the spotlight. I’m a TLC fan and try to keep up with what the ladies are doing and I haven’t seen this boy since he was a small kid. He’s out there celebrating with his mother on the success of the movie and he has to be attacked by media outlets? Give me a break. This isn’t about bullying in general, it’s about media outlets bullying children. Most kids who attend schools and are bullied are bullied by peers, not media outlets. You can not compare the two situations. Suggesting that he gets a PR team tells me you’re out of touch with a lot of things. Read a book, PLEASE. Idiot.

      • @DJ, your mother is an idiot and you sound so stupid with your comment. I have read plenty of books, moron. Maybe you need to read a book. I don’t give a damn about you being a damn groupie. Maybe you need to get a damn life. Jackass!

        • So Sad I was all prepared to eat you alive but Ericaf’s plea for maturity as well as your truthful sentiment about people name calling because they disagree with something is the truth. So the further insults I was preparing to hurl at you I will keep to myself and apologize for my immaturity. It was unnecessary. I’ll conclude our correspondence by reiterating the point of my initial response to you: children should be off limits NO MATTER WHAT. Just like I’d hurt someone for crossing lines with my children as an everyday Joe, I’d do the same if I were in Chili’s shoes and the writers on that disgusting site should be thankful that Chili went the mature route in dealing with the issue and probably not how she FELT like dealing with the issue.

          • Whatever. Eat this and stay out of my business. I can say what I like because I have that right. If you don’t like it than that’s your problem. I can roll with the best of them, too. I will not apologize to you since I have nothing to apologize for. You came at me wrong when I did not direct anything towards you. I will leave it at that and stay on sites where Black people don’t act like rabid animals and attack others for their comments. Geesh, people can’t even state what’s on their mind without others coming at them totally wrong.

          • Apparently somebody missed the part where I apologized and apparently read the part I didn’t write when I asked for an apology back. I didn’t feel an apology from you was necessary, it was on me, which is why I apologized. I’ll leave it alone because we’re clearly on two different levels.

        • Apparently somebody missed the part where I apologized and apparently read the part I didn’t write when I asked for an apology back. I didn’t feel an apology from you was necessary, it was on me, which is why I apologized. Guess comprehension isn’t one of your strong points.

          • It amazes me how people that bully and attack others online say things like “I was all prepared to eat you alive but Ericaf’s plea…” and then apologize to the young lady that asks for people to stop the name calling and also have the nerve to say they are above others. Truthfully, you are NOT. You apologized to Ericaf and that’s wonderful. I do not expect or want an apology from anyone. You attacked me for no reason other than your own insecurities and that’s that. I have no hate towards you or any emotions and that’s how it will stay. So when you say “somebody missed the apology,” no I did not. You apologized to Ericaf. And then you go on to say something so ignorant as “Guess comprehension isn’t one of your strong points.” No DJ, I comprehend very well. Unfortunately, you did not comprehend the bull you spewed. I see your level is well beneath me and on that note, I hope you have a wonderful life bullying and disrespecting others you do not know online with your very low-self-esteem. Do yourself a favor and get yourself together.

        • *sigh* I do believe you have an issue with comprehension. I did not apologize to Ericaf. I didn’t do anything to her to apologize for. I apologized to you when I said, and I quote, “Ericaf’s plea for maturity AS WELL AS YOUR TRUTHFUL SENTIMENT ABOUT PEOPLE NAME CALLING BECAUSE THEY DISAGREE WITH SOMETHING IS THE TRUTH…APOLOGIZE FOR MY IMMATURITY. IT WAS UNNECESSARY.”

          I can’t for the life of me understand how you thought that was directed at Ericaf or how you could skip over the fact that I admitted you were right in what you said. Even with your nasty comebacks I still think you were right. I came at you wrong and you had every right to come back at me. Self esteem is not an issue of mine and you can not find any evidence of me “bullying” anyone on this site or any other. But we all get beside ourselves sometimes and I made the mistake of attacking YOU rather than your opinion, which I still disagree with. But there’s a way to disagree and I didn’t do it the right way. So again I apologize to YOU So Sad. And it is here where we can conclude by agreeing to disagree.

          • DJ, thank you. But when you truly apology do not then throw in rude remarks, it makes the apology meaningless. I like a good discussion especially since I do not have a problem with comprehension.
            You have a great day and be blessed!

          • Sorry…*apologize not apology.

  3. Why do white people continue to come to this site? And then say stupid shit to make it worse??

  4. Randy Jones Why are you being ignorant? Even if she did not make a remake that you agree with.. point out what's in her argument that was not relevant not the fact she is white. Example: @ Chrystal Leary, Yes I did feel bad for Sarah Palin daughter when she was under fire for her under age pregnancy, however Celebrities children like Halle Berry and Chili from TLC have mothers that reached to us to make a Law to protect future generations.. I Totally Care and agree with those request.

  5. Good for her

  6. Please So Sad and DJ, act like adults. Be a positive example, agree to disagree without name calling 🙂

    • I could careless about DJ. And he/she should not have come at me. I did not direct my initial post in his/her direction. If they want to call me out of my name, no problem but expect to be called out too. I am tired of people name calling because they disagree with something that was posted. They should mind their business and move on. If they don’t like what I post then keep it to themselves and not call me derogatory names. PERIOD!

  7. It’s a great start. Children of celeb’s should never be targeted because their not in the vulnerable business, their parent’s are. Children have enough to contend with, and they shouldn’t have to be in the glare of the spotlight or targeted. Let them be children, and not stressed out because some website can’t find news on an Adult!!! It worked, his mom received an apology, ASAP….

  8. Shirell Na, you stop being ignorant. Clearly a comparison on THIS site between Chili and her son and Sarah and her daughter was being used to stir something up. The poster sarcastically pointed out that Chili MUST have supported Sarah's daughter because the idea was that Chili probably didn't. For the record I thought the attacks on Bristol were over the line also, as I did when media outlets attacked the Obama girls, which of course Chrystal Leary could've also compared Chili's situation to. But she didn't use the Obama girls because you and I both know she (Chrystal Leary) didn't give a damn about the attacks on them. Perhaps you're not a regular around here, but there are many white people who come to this "community" simply to provoke and agitate and my question stands: Why???

  9. I agree, Randy.


  11. Now that DJ & So Sad have ironed out their differences, we can get to the subject at hand. (just kidding, ladies/gentlemen) 🙂
    At any rate, it’s a good thing Chilli is doing. NO child should be a target for ADULTS. Come on, people. These are grown a** men/women, making fun of CHILDREN. No matter how you look at it, anyone under 18 should be off limits. Where are you going to draw the line between decency and jackleg journalism?

  12. Randy Jones whenever they show up I hit delete. Hate to be bothered with fools who have no idea.

  13. Fred is telling a lie. He is NOT going to deal with anyone who had anything to do with those remarks about Chili’s son. Approximately a year ago, MTO made almost the same comments about this boy. Check the archives. I guess Chili missed that one. Fred is always talking about someone’s children. He went after DJ Kahlid’s son and he threatened to shut Fred’s little gossip blog down.

  14. Randy Jones brotha…reread shirell's post. you missed her point. She was basically showing u HOW TO DEBATE in pure form…without fallacies

  15. I agree. leave kids out

  16. Where do I sign!!!!!!!!


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