“Best Man” Director Doesn’t Really Like Tyler Perry Movies all That Much

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Malcolm Lee is the director that has all of Hollywood buzzing.  His new film, “Best Man Holiday” has exceeded expectations and done extremely well at the box office.  The film was graded highly on nearly all major criteria, striking an extraordinary balance between positive black imagery and just enough ratchedness to fit in with today’s pop culture.

What people might have forgotten is that just a few months ago, Lee joined his cousin Spike in tossing some flames in the direction of a fellow director, Tyler Perry.  While he doesn’t think that Perry’s work is horrible, he isn’t ready to give him any awards for it either.

“It’s not as terrible as people say it is, but it’s not as good as the box office numbers are. Just because something makes money doesn’t mean it’s good, it’s just popular, it taps into something people respond to. I don’t do what he does,” he said.

Since most black directors are expected to be cordial and supportive of one another, Lee’s words probably came off pretty harsh.  If that first sentence didn’t get enough attention, this last one certainly did.

“He’s not interested in art, he’s interested in turning out a product. There is value in that, building up a studio and being independent. I wish he would get better as the movies go on. Maybe he will, I don’t know, but I don’t think that is his focus right now.”


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  1. Don Jed Peters well said my brother..you are a rare alpha male..seems its not many of us around these days..too many black women have joined in the emasculation of our boys and they don't even know it..sisters don't ever realize their true power..i wish more of them did

  2. Barbara you tell a grown man to "shut the hell up" then in the same sentence tell him to stop putting another man down…smh where was malcolm disrespectful? it's know wonder you like emasculated brothers…carry on

  3. Well said wavie jones

  4. Khen MoZhionē pretty much

  5. So if Kobe Bryant says he doesn't like Lebron's game and that Lebron doesn't work on fundamentals is he "putting another black man down" or is he offering HIS professional opinion as a competitor..is Malcolm not a professional and a competitor of Tyler Perry..sounds like black folks and mainly Tyler's black fans treat his work like it's the gospel..its just entertainment people..entertainment..neither one of these men speak for me and i won't defend any of them in public as i dont know them..

  6. Our media outlets (including black/african-american) will release "title/headline triggers" to create controversy and may not be rooted in fact/truth to generate website hits. They bank and feed on gossip junkies to share these title/headline triggers with their networks. Now, an even more greater challenge is most folks will not read the story but draw conclusions on the title/headline…“It’s not as terrible as people say it is, but it’s not as good as the box office numbers are. Just because something makes money doesn’t mean it’s good, it’s just popular, it taps into something people respond to. I don’t do what he does,” he said.(Malcolm Lee)

  7. Evidently none of you guys have attended a film festival. Film is more than entertainment it is considered an art film. Artist discuss the work that has been created and debate the quality of the work. Filmmakers that went to film school are accustom to this type of dialogue and discussion. I encourage you all to attend a film festival and sit in on panel discussions and you probably will learn something Also, when did we become so thin skin and have to co-sign everything a Black person creates? Malcolm made a valid and wise point. He never attacked. He just does not want to be placed in the same category and understand his reasons.

  8. Evidently you are not a filmmaker or work in the profession. LOL

  9. It is more than man in a dress. It is the portrayal of older ignorant Black woman. I am sorry. I don't know any Black women that act like Medea. Now, if you have someone in your family that behaves in that way you need to get them help.

  10. I have never reads where a White movie produces made a disparaging remark about another White producers work. If it has been done, I did not see it in print.

  11. So, you were misquoted?

  12. Divide and conquer over a movie? Nah!

  13. Thank you Malcolm for the response, and please know that 'Holiday' was superb! I laughed and cried and for me that means you pulled all the right strings..I appreciate that you gave ample time to each character for us to 'feel' them, and your writing and story line where wonderful! I wish I could have taken my young granddaughters to see this but it was a little 'racey' for them. Not hating – I LOVED the film and will probably see it at least two more times – at the box office! Thank you so much for bringing so many beautiful and intelligent black people to the big screen. I think the industry is sleeping on your talents, please remember to 'stay Black, when they finally awaken..love you, man!
    (p.s. and I also appreciate Tyler's films as well, indeed if you count the number of black men in his films, the majority of them are positive characters, he just brings some focus to the not-so-nice realities of black male/female relationships that people don't want to see or talk about. Make no mistake people, WASP patriarchy is alive and well and being played out daily in the Black community.)

  14. Is this really needed? You do not see or hear white directors lashing out at one another. Tyler Perry and Malcolm Lee both in their own right have good talent accept it and move on. We do not need to continue to entertain the white mas'a.

  15. Sounds like he, like his cousin Spike are just jealous. Ans say what you want, but all of his Films for the most part are Faith-based, even in all of the Madea films, it ends up at the Church, with a deep message. Maybe, just maybe if the naysayers actually paid attention they would get it. And if they don't, oh well, your loss. And at the same time, because of his many films there are a lot of actors, and actresses that would be UNEMPLOYED waiting on Spike and his Cousin.

  16. Tyler Perry movies always have a positive message. I enjoy them immensly. Does that mean they're not art? Hey Spike, if "Best Man" does well in the box office, are you going to call your cousin a sell-out too? Never cared for Spike.

  17. Gill Ellis unfortunately, to many of us, it's all about the dollar.

  18. You don't support that which you think is wrong, just because the person is black.

  19. What happened to if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all?

  20. Mr. Lee has posted on the site that media twists things sometimes and he and Tyler are cool. Glad to hear it.

  21. I loved the movie, please keep them coming….

  22. Mu-tor K. Flood While Lee's movies are filled with weave-wearing materialistic foul-mouthed women and over sexualized men and the profanity was inexcusable. Its not a movie one can take our grandmothers to see or our kids. Tyler Perry's movies everyone can see. I hate when black people publicly take digs at one another its truly unprofessional.

  23. I agree Cheryl. No ANTHONY. There should not have been a comment at all. I'm tired of seeing slave movies. (Wont go to see 12 years of slavery" but noone makes a comment about this. Too much of humiliation and degrading is something our ppl need to stop. I Can't wait to see Best Man Holiday and kudos to Lee for making something positive but get off of Tyler's back.

  24. Pat Banks AMEN!!

  25. Divide and Conquer it's that simple.

  26. He's absolutely right tyler perry cares nothing about art long as blacks continue to support his trash he will continue to produce it….only black women & gay black men support his Buffonery imagery. …

  27. Congrats, Mr. Lee. No need to worry.

  28. And what do you mean "as the variety can continue?" And Malcolm the only irresponsible were YOUR comments.

  29. Ylynne Baskerville Well said young lady

  30. I think the only division going on here is with the commenters on this post! You have black people attacking a brother for supposedly attacking (which he didn't do) another brother! lol Victim mentality at it's best. Why can't we be critical of each other? That's how things get better. Besides he was obviously answering a question but the media twisted his response up. We need to quit trying to show everyone else the mirror and turn it on ourselves…

  31. Dude I wondered what he meant by that statement also. Lee never denied the direct quotes. I'm not a big TP fan and don't like all of his projects but I remember Pryor said years ago" be happy abt any Negro doing any thing" lol

  32. @koolj..thank you for saying exactly what was on my mind!!…In this day of division of what a “good movie” is, there is no sense in one Black Director or Producer “throwing shade” at another Artist in the same right. I enjoy BOTH, Tyler and Malcolms’ movies. With the distraction or, should I say “controversy” of Blacks not having enough writers, enough of this, or enough of that, what we DO have is a Plethora of talent, we have people that can MAKE BOX OFFICE HITS!!!…Let’s all love and work together, we can accomplish so much more!!!

  33. Thanks for responding. Tyler Perry's movies to me are more like musical theatre and I love his casting and the reality of the messages (yes faith based but real lessons learned, to which most people can relate). I look forward to seeing your movie.

  34. This doesn't dignify a comment. Looking for attention.

  35. Franz Fanon in the Wretched of the Earth said, “The last battle of the colonized against the colonizer will often be the fight for the colonized against each other.”

    Most professions support their colleagues, I can’t remember the last time I heard a Director slam another Director for his style. I can’t see Tyler Perry criticizing Mr. Lee.

  36. Simply put Tyler Perry B movies great numbers ! Hallmark accomplishments for a Black man ! Malcolm Lee great artistry and creativity ! “A” movie in my,opinion ! One footnote ! When people say it’s just entertainment beware ! Black people have been tricked many times with it’s just entertainment !

  37. Eddie Orihuela , 100 percent correct. Kills me how people look to spew the negative, rather than actually see and compliment the positive.


  39. Every person is entitled to his/her opinion, but isn’t it interesting to note that Mr. Perry has been on the scene for about 15 years and is on track to becoming a billionaire. Is Mr. Spike Lee and Mr. Malcolm Lee, whose been out there much longer, but have not garnered the attention, accolades, and millions of dollars that Mr. Perry has, sounds like a lot of jealousy to me.

  40. Black directors are just worried they will be stereotyped and believed they will make the same type of films. Black Americans have been accomplishing things since slavery and do not need to prove ourselves. Let ignorant folks think what they want to.

  41. I am intelligent enough, well rounded enough, conscious enough to be interested in many different areas of music art and film. I can enjoy Tyler perry’s message without emasculating black men just as I can watch spike lee without shooting every white person I see. Most of the criticism fails to acknowledge my sensibilitys and its almost insulting.

  42. Yes, we all can have an opinion of who we like or enjoy, but we African Americans have to learn to be cordial towards one another, especially as it pertains to what we choose to say when confronted by the media. It’s so typical that someone would ask Malcolm Lee about Tyler Perry. Media folk, especially those of the majority persuasion, know that because there are so few successful African American directors out there, that they’ll ask anything to try to pit one against the other, to the point where there’s bound to be so much animosity and perceived controversy. Interestingly enough has there ever been a time where you’ve heard Frances Ford Coppola say something unflattering about Clint Eastwood or a Stephen Spielberg dismiss Ron Howard? No. Sure these men may have opinions about their competitors works, but they keep them away from the public. It’s called being civil. I choose to believe there’s room for every black director out there to capture an audience and be a big power broker in Hollywood. I’d much rather have heard Lee say , when asked about Perry – “he does what he does, and I do what I do.” End of question and on to something else.

  43. This movie is so much like why did I get married that it would be silly to think Malcolm Lee didn’t respect TP. Comeon people dont believe everything you read.

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