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November 24, 2013

Top That Rihanna: Beyonce Bagging Over $1.8 Million Every Time She Hits the Stage

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Reported By: Britt L Mrs. Carter is a full blown mogul now. According to the Hollywood Reporter,  32-year-old Beyonce has grossed more than $100 million in sales since the debut of her tour in April. The tour will end in December with Beyonce completing at least 107 shows and selling more than 883,000 tickets at 59 performances around the globe. Because of the great peaks Beyonce has climbed, her tour…

Chris Brown Gets Out Of Another Jam; Judge Lets Him Skip Court Date In D.C.

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Looks like someone doesn’t have good judgment after all. R&B bad boy Chris Brown is notorious for getting let off the hook for some ruthless behavior, and a D.C. judge isn’t doing a great job of preventing that from happening any longer. D.C. Superior Judge Robert Tignor agreed Friday that Brown doesn’t not have to aboard a plane from Los Angles to Washington to appear in court. Brown was set…

Tyler Perry Plans Auditions Aboard The Fantastic Voyage Cruise

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By Daphne R If you’re planning to step aboard Tom Joyner’s The Fantastic Journey 2014, you may be in for an added treat, especially if you’re an aspiring actor/actress. Tyler Perry has announced a special offering for the trip next year. He will be giving those cruise-goers aboard the ship a chance to audition for a role in an upcoming Tyler Perry project. At this time, Perry doesn’t know for…

Cornel West, Dr Boyce Watkins speak on racism, black America

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We know that black people are great, but how great are we choosing to be?  The panelists for New Paradigm New York explain that our greatness goes as far as we choose to take it.  Wealth, Education, Family and Community: A New Paradigm for Black America, is an initiative created by Syracuse University professor Dr. Boyce Watkins to reshape the trajectory of African American progress by providing 21st century solutions…

Former Teammate Claims Donovan McNabb Bullied Him and Spread Vicious Lies

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Donovan McNabb has retired from the NFL, but finds that even after you leave the league, people are still going to have bones to pick.  The former quarterback has been accused by another former eagle of bullying and spreading false, vicious rumors. Offensive lineman Shawn Andrews says that McNabb told others that he was gay, which he says he is not.  When asked about the allegations, McNabb was clear in…

Marc Lamont Hill, Cornel West Explain Why We Need New Black Leadership Right Now

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