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November 17, 2013

Michael Jackson Company Suing Lloyds of London and Exposes Big Stars as Drug Addicts

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By Nigel Boys The Michael Jackson Company (MJC) is suing Lloyds of London, for failure to pay up on a $17.5 billion insurance policy they took out just in case Jackson couldn’t perform on his “This Is It” tour in London and they are throwing in names of other big stars to prove their point. Lloyds of London is claiming that his people knew about Jackson’s deteriorating health problems but…

Don Cheadle and Rapper TI Caught in Gang Gunfire While Shooting a TV Show

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Acting can be a dangerous job, but not in the ways some might expect.  Actors Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell were reportedly caught in the middle of a gang shooting this week.  It all happened as they were shooting “House of Lies” in South Central Los Angeles this week.   Apparently, those watching them film got into a dispute and shots were fired from rival gang members. The group was working…