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November 16, 2013

“Best Man” Director Doesn’t Really Like Tyler Perry Movies all That Much

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Malcolm Lee is the director that has all of Hollywood buzzing.  His new film, “Best Man Holiday” has exceeded expectations and done extremely well at the box office.  The film was graded highly on nearly all major criteria, striking an extraordinary balance between positive black imagery and just enough ratchedness to fit in with today’s pop culture. What people might have forgotten is that just a few months ago, Lee…

Jay-Z Makes a Big Barneys Announcement: Is He For Real or Just Playing More Games?

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins The rapper Jay-Z has been under fire recently for agreeing to partner with Barneys, a high-end New York department store that has been accused of racially profiling African Americans.  It appears that due to new policies implemented in the store, its clerks have a hard time believing that a black person would have the money to buy a $600 belt.  A better question might be “why…