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November 14, 2013

Danny Glover To Receive BIFF Award At International Film Festival

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By: Britt L Actor and philanthropist Danny Glover is set to receive the Career Achievement Award at the Atlantis Theater in December. The Bahamas International Film Festival will do the honors of awarding the Color Purple actor. In an announcement released by the Bahamas International Film Festival’s executive director and founder Leslie Vanderpool stated that Glover was an “extraordinary man” and was honored to give the veteran actor the award….

Dante de Blasio Receives the Number 6 Title for “Most Influential Teen”

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by Barry Burch Jr. Sometimes it’s all in the afro. Dante de Blasio has been crowned with being this year’s sixth most influential teen by Time magazine.  He is referred to as New York City’s “latest fashion icon.”  The title and attention seem to have a lot to do with his “new iconic” afro, as reported by the Huffington Post. Surprising what you can do with a pick and a little hair grease. The ranking…