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November 12, 2013

Beyoncé Allegedly Lost Opportunity to Play Princess Because She Refused to Audition

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by Barry Burch Jr. So the news is in – platinum recording artist Beyoncé was supposed to receive the role of Disney’s first-ever Black princess.  The only problem, they call her Queen B, not Princess B, and when she was asked to audition, she illustrated exactly what that means.  She did not audition and therefore she did not receive the role. The actress came out on top for the role of princess, despite so many…

Doing The Wrong Thing: Spike Lee Sued For Re-Tweeting Old Couples Address

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By: Britt L What’s that saying? Big brother is always watching? Well, apparently, 240,000 followers are too. Legendary film maker Spike Lee is being sued over a tweet posted via Twitter many months ago…However, the famous director disclosed some vital and personal information that could have harmed an elderly couple residing in Florida. Back in late March, months before George Zimmerman was acquitted in the deαth of 17-year-old unarmed Trayvon…

Why is “Pink Slime” Beef Still Legal in The US?

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You might want to read this article before you bite into that juicy, fast food burger. In 2012, McDonald’s publicly vowed to change its burger recipe after losing a battle to a famous British chef who exposed to the world that the beef used at McDonald’s was not fit for human consumption. Jamie Oliver, also known as The Naked Chef to television viewers, took on McDonald’s over a period of about two…