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November 10, 2013

Oliver Stone and Jaimie Foxx Bring Martin Luther King Jr. to Life on The Big Screen

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Three-time Oscar Award winner and veteran film director, screenwriter and producer Oliver Stone has confirmed that he would be bringing the slain Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to life on the big screen. Oliver Stone’s confirmation put to the rest the rumors that he was working on a mega project to produce a big screen biographical picture of the most revered, respected and loved African American leader…

Hermain Cain is Determined to Get Revenge on the Woman Who Brought Him Down

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Remember Herman Cain?  He was the guy who thought he might be President of the United States, but got in trouble because he couldn’t keep his urges in his pants.  Well, Cain is back and still fighting for his damaged reputation. The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO says that he doesn’t want the rest of his career to be covered in a cloud of suspicion after a younger woman named Ginger…

DMX Bankruptcy Filing Rejected; Includes $1.3 Million in Child Support for 10 Kids

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DMX filed for bankruptcy, perhaps thinking that his financial woes might be over, but not so fast.  A judge in New York has rejected the rapper’s claim, which means that creditors can go after him financially. The 42-year old rapper has millions in debt after starting his rap career as one of the hottest selling artists of all time. But overspending, a drug problem and a series of very bad…