Will CeeLo Green Face Court Again For Date Rαpe Charge?

ceelo green

Ceelo Green will once again be facing the jury and the judge for a possible date rαpe case against him. However, most legal experts and critics have big doubts that the case will move forward – citing the incapability of the police to deliver enough evidence to prosecute Green.

It was barely a year ago when Green was first accused of rαpe – he was accused of putting drugs on his date’s drink and rαping her in Downtown LA. Back then, LA Police Department were unable to gather substantial evidence to put Green behind bars. Now, the police agency of LA is once again on the process of bringing Green to face the court. This time, however, there is evidence to finally put Green to justice.

TMZ, the world-famous paparazzi media, said that the DA of Los Angeles wanted more evidence pinpointing to the exact medicine used to drug the unwitting victim. The absence of such drug, of course, would seriously affect the case in favor of Green.

However, TMZ pointed out that as of the writing of this article, the LAPD has not been able to gather enough witnesses to prove Green’s guilt or innocence. As a matter of fact, TMZ mentioned that even the police have doubts with the recent witnesses that they have gathered so far, stating that they are no different from the case that they tried to build months ago against the same person.

Sources and friends of Green are voicing their support to the singer and judge of “The Voice,” saying that the woman accusing Green of date rαpe is a liar and that she is just trying to milk money out of Green.

As of the moment, authorities say that it will be months before something solid can be thrown against the singer, if, indeed, he did such crime.

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