NFL Star Adrian Peterson is Found to Have Yet Another Child Out of Wedlock


Adrian Peterson’s life has just gotten more and more complicated since the death of his two-year old son.  Right after being the MVP for the NFL, Peterson is being exposed as a man who doesn’t keep up with all the kids he keeps having.

According to TMZ, Peterson is the father of a three-month old girl born to a woman who works as a waitress in Indianapolis.   This is yet another child, in addition to the one who died just a while back.

Tyrese Robert Ruffin, Peterson’s other child, died at the hands of his mother’s boyfriend, Joseph Robert Patterson.   Peterson didn’t know that the child was his until this year, and hadn’t visited the boy until the day before he died.  There are also reports of an exotic dancer who has gone to Twitter claiming that she also had a child with Peterson.

According to the New York Daily News, Peterson has four known children, two daughters and two sons.  The girls are 6-years old and 3-months old, and the boys are both two years of age, including the child who was just killed.

A man who says that he raised Tyrese says that Peterson deserves no credit for being the child’s father.  Be a father to your child and use protection when you sleep around.  Someone else may suffer the consequences of your choices.

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  1. Elaine Kyle at 6:26 pm

    I hate journalist with opinions. Journalism is supposed to offer facts that lead people to develop their opinions and write articles interesting enough to encourage them to share…oh I see.. you failing on both counts

  2. E.F. Coleman at 6:37 pm

    Think carefully men and ballers choose carefully who you allow to be the mother of your children. You know you are not responsible and the women has little control over their actions, and another person will be around your innocent children.

  3. D.c. Price at 6:49 pm

    Not surprised. ALl that sympathy to him…really? The only ones who need sympathy are the unwanted children. There mothers only had them to get NFL money and their father considers them a mistake to be ignored. So SAD.

  4. Julian Jones at 7:18 pm

    How was Peterson supposed to raise the child that died when the mother made it seem that the man who murdered the child was the father. Peterson didn't know until chick decided she wanted some cash. Notice how the child and the child killer have the same middle name? So what he has kid out of wedlock, so does damn near every Black man or woman you see outside

  5. Theodore Du'Ane at 8:06 pm

    .. it's not about how many children he has out of wedlock, its about how many women are having children with this man without knowing all you can about someone you're sleeping with.. The one child by petersen @ two years young who was beaten to DEATh by the mother's boyfriend. Petersen didn't know he was the father UNTIL the child aleged father thru DNA was found NOT to be the father, WHY? becuz the mother put the child's potential father on child support and the court stated before you do that.. it's case for paternity confirmed before they go after any potential father..let's face it these females don't know who their babies daddy are nowadays out of wedlock, paternity proven for child support, not all states do this, so in this case with Petersen. In this case paternity has to be PROVEN. In other states the mother simply has to say who the father is and the state will go after the father on the mother's word which is RIDICULOUS, you think NOt ..then watch the MauryP Show.. and let MAURY tell you "YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER" .. Anyway, Petersen didn't know he was the father until a DNA-paternity test was performed nearly 3 years later ans was never told he could be the father not once, then thereafter Petersen was proven to be the father two years later, and then shortly afterward the mother's BF(potential father) beat the child to death that he thought was his.. when he learn the mother stepped out on him two years earlier.. when discovered, the BF beat the child and the child was on life support and it was at that time Petersen was made aware that he was the father.

  6. SouthernPrincess at 4:54 pm

    Well that is what happens when he lay with “tramps”–one minute stand.
    Only looking to get paid by any means necessary!!

  7. corbin56 at 8:38 pm

    Typical black male for you. They do not care about anything or anyone except themselves. Hit it and quit it. I hope his Johnson falls off.

  8. Rocky Sills at 5:53 am

    Even if any of that is true and we later learn that he has several more childern what would that have to do with the death of this child. I often read why do rich black men date non-blacks, to avoid this type insanity would be my best guess.

  9. jkirk039 at 11:14 pm

    you would think what the focal point was would be the tragedy that occurred, the brutal murder. the importance of knowing who was in your home, with your child. to be honest the situation is none of our concern, who are we to judge. if he didn’t know until recently what can we truly hold him accountable for. no one is perfect, and he is not exempt. he is an exceptional athlete, as there are many others. let him be the man he is and take all that energy that you’re putting into bashing him into the direction of the young men in your own lives.

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