Man Punches Out a Clerk Because He was 41 Cents Short on the Price of his Cigar

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BY: John “Hennry” Harris

Police in Lakewood, CA are seeking help in looking for a male suspect, who punched a female Conoco gas station clerk in the face, reminiscent of a scene from the wildly popular video game Grand Theft Auto.

The video, which has gone viral, shows the man becoming enraged while attempting to purchase a cigar that cost $1.41. The suspect only had one dollar. When told he needed the other 41 cents, he viciously bashed the 23-year-old female clerk in her face.

The woman was interviewed by local CBS-affiliate, KCBS, using the name “Yadira” to protect her identity, recalled the incident that still brings her to tears.

“There’s cowards out there willing to do stupid stuff,” the emotional girl told the station.

The man thought he would be able to short-change the clerk by 41 cents for his Swisher Sweets cigar saying, “This is all I have … b***h whatever.”

The man then tried to snatch the cigar when “Yadira” asked the man to leave the store.

“It just happened so fast… I didn’t think he was going to hit me,” Yadira said, adding, “[then] he just socks me.”

The man punched “Yadira” with so much force that her neck snapped, bending her backwards and sending her glasses flying off of her face.

Security footage captured the entire exchange between the clerk and the suspect. Other customers were in line but seemed to be as shocked by the assault as the clerk. The customers just stood in line behind and watched the violent man unleash his fury and storm out of the gas station.

“Yadira”, who finished her shift after the assault, told reporters that she is still afraid when she goes to work.

“It’s a brutal attack on an innocent victim,” a police spokesperson told the station.

It is shocking witnessing the extremes that people will go to for the smallest of things. 41 cents? Really? If you were in line at the time of the attack, would you have intervened?


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  1. A call to 911 is the only intervention I could've offered. And that's real.

  2. I would have given him the forty one cents if I was behind him. I hate waiting..besides after the incident I'm sure they waited.

  3. They need to lock his cowardly sick ass up in jail for years…broke ass dog!

  4. She’s white so who gives a phuck…


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  7. Lame that they jade to take shots at a video game when he is a grown ass man he knew exactly what he was doing… And shit like this happens every where at all ages before any video game

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