Jay-Z Seems Fond of His Past as a Drug Dealer; Says His Wife is “Gangsta”

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Is that what black people are coming to?  The best thing that a young woman can hope for is to marry a former crack dealer, and every body wants to be a gangsta.  What happened to wanting to be doctors, lawyers and educated people?  Maybe Jay-Z also needs to grow up a little bit and realize that a 43-year old man shouldn’t be out glorifying his life as a drug dealer.  Most drug dealers end up dead or in prison, so maybe Jay-Z’s “advice” is going to end up ruining a lot of young lives.

But let’s just keep fantasizing, and filling up the prisons.  We’re getting good at that:

Jay Z opened up in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, discussing his notorious history with drugs. The rapper and business mogul has shared some details about his pre-fame life in the past, but he was particularly candid in explaining what he had to deal with during days when “crack was everywhere” and even his mother knew he was living a life of crime.

In a lot of ways, the area Jay Z grew up in had a major effect on his early choices. Discussing the “inescapable” prevalence of crack, he says:

“There wasn’t any place you could go for isolation or a break. You go in the hallway; [there are] crackheads in the hallway. You look out in the puddles on the curbs—crack vials are littered in the side of the curbs. You could smell it in the hallways, that putrid smell; I can’t explain it, but it’s still in my mind when I think about it.”



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  1. How so is that glorification. this site is asscrack.com. That is a vivid description of what it is like in that life inside out. and folk need to stop telling folk how to express themselves. Gangsta could mean loving and loyal. Black people you KILL me with your judgments

  2. y'all twisted his story, smdh!!!!

  3. OK he's not in jail are die and he's not the only one who did what they had to do to get ahead , now he's doing something positive, So it work for him but I know he not standing there telling kids to go out there and sale.
    I really believe the kids are looking at where he's at now , for who he is. A millionaire..

  4. How is this glorifying the situation. It was simply a depiction of what it was like to live in a drug-infested area. Sad reality is many of our people grow up in this environment, I think he discussing this can be motivation to others so that they can get out of the lifestyle. It also teaches others who may live this reality still, that there is hope… and that it is possible to be something GREAT even when you come from the slums!

    This article SUCKS! Stop making black america seem so dang horrible…. even in our positive moments- this site seems to degrade blacks.

  5. I swear!!..the media and the government go hand in hand..big liars and forever twisting shit..the biggest brainwashers on the earth!..sickening!!

  6. Are all y'all originally from NY???? Ijs, if you listen to his music….THAT IS ALL HE TALKS ABOUT!!! No different than Jeezy except he's from up north…..!

  7. Sure nuf…you can take "the rapper out of the ghetto, but the ghetto is still in him"; messages in the music makes one believe JZ is still in that lifestyle, so where is the "something GREAT" in that…sure not something I would want my child to emulate!

  8. As for Beyoncé, well if you want to call "shaky your behind and opening your legs on the stage floor " in front of millions of people –talent…I would have failed my music appreciation class if I had to write a critique.

  9. What is he glorifying? He's stating the atmosphere he lived in. Give me a break.

  10. That's exactly what the problem is, no atonement no contrition, he thinks dismantling black families and destroying Black neighborhoods is cool, in fact it has made him rich.. I ….

  11. all i can say is "watch what you say out your mouth,, IF THE DUCK DIDN'T CWACK HE WOULDN'T BE ON THE DINNER TABLE" ijs

  12. Hes a moron and a bad role model.op Oprah Winfrey will bring any black person on her show as long as they are rich.

  13. jay-z you talk too much..you were a drug dealer..why did you have to tell that on national t.v..i had so much respect for you..and you say your wife is a gangsta…well I thought she was a lady????

  14. First of all, Jay Z was never a drug dealer. He lied to the world about that crap!

  15. it is sad that blacks have been reduced to that kind of perception.

  16. Susan Jacobs you go mother dear,, tell Mr. mouth almighty talk everlasting

  17. Miss please take off your hip hop blinders. Jay Z is a complete fool. Why did he have to expose his ignorance in Vanity Fair of all places?..

  18. Why did Jay Z display his ignorance in Vanity Fair? Why didn't he go to Jet, Vibe, or Sisiter to Sister with hsi crap?..

  19. yea and black people kill me with that attempt at revising words to justify their behavior and lifestyle; e.g., bitch and n*gga are words of endearment. Now we can add gangsta to the list as meaning loving and loyal lmao!!!!!!

  20. it worked for him? What about the lives he destroyed. did it work for them? smdh.

  21. What’s most disturbing is the amount of women defending the lifestyle yet the same one’s talking about what’s wrong with the community. Regardless of how he got there drug dealing he did messed up families and lives of individuals in case you women are too caught up with the bling and wealth JayZ/Beyonce now has. So basically if a man can use the gangsta lifestyle to reach levels similar toJayZ you down. Brilliant.

    So there should be no more complaining when another fool wants to be a gangsta after all it helped JayZ’s business skills smh. Amazing how people are blinded by the bling

  22. He is a former crack dealer. He sold poison to his own people, a merchant of death. What more do you expect from him. He should fund a drug rehabilitation center in Brooklyn where he sold drugs instead of rapping about it.

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  24. Instead of pointing fingers and offering nothing but criticism how about come up with a program that overpowers what you feel is wrong or evil or immoral instead of devoting so much time to just criticizing.

    What are you doing to make an impact. Focus on that more than focusing on the next person. People act like they have never made a mistake in their lives and have so much to say about other people but what the hell are YOU doing to make the world a better place more than what people are doing to make the world worse than it is. What are YOU doing to make a “significant” impact toward progress for all. Or are you too busy caught up in the lives of others.

    Damn stone throwing hypocrites. I don’t give a damn how distinguished or prestigious you think you are or your fans think your are you are still human and no better than any other human.

    Stop whining and bitching about everybody else and YOU do something.

  25. Not a Jay-Z fan, bit am not clear on how this quote demonstrates that he is glamourizing drugs. He is describing a reality many still live today…however, that tour promo promotes a life of violence…

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