Flashback to 96: TLC Does the Interview Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne Would Never Do

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The year 1996 was amazing for the legendary all-female group, TLC.  The group was at the height of their success,winning so many Grammy awards that all three ladies came to the post-show interview with two in each hand.   The reason this interview is so interesting is because it was an admittedly awkward, yet insightful conversation with the ladies that gives perspective on their success 17 years later.

One really interesting part of the interview is when the ladies were told that middle school girls rated their song “Waterfalls” as the greatest song that defined their generation.  The song features lyrics that are socially conscious, reminding people of the dangers of making poor decisions that can lead to an early death or incarceration.  The song is a throwback from music of today, much of which encourages these kinds of behaviors.

That’s when Chilli makes a statement in the video (below) that many modern day artists would never make:

“What people don’t understand is that when you become a ‘star,’ you know, you are a role model.  So, we’re glad they look up to us like that,” she said.

She also says that the youth are the future and that they felt a sense of responsibility for giving them good values. So, the operative question is:  Would this message be considered old-fashioned today?  How many artists of today feel any responsibility for the messages they are giving young people?

Watch the video below:




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  1. Nobody will ever compare to TLC.

  2. the young stars of today are nobodys without adults giving them the stage. If we adults pulled the carpets from under these sorry rugrat's asses, this question would be as transparently moot as it actually is.

  3. Most "stars" are so consumed with making their 30 pieces of silver they will do, say, wear and act in any way asked. They need role models before they can be a role model

  4. so true

  5. Tlc should never be compared to nminaj

  6. Pebbles’ daughter would have been an infant or not far from it, if she was even born during these past days, therefore she can’t
    know whether the characterizations are true or false. The situation that went on during the “sorely-missed” days of TLC, have already been hashed-out and if there was any discrepancies it would have
    been dealt with then. Let Pebbles speak for herself and as “a woman of the Anointing, though she can’t keep her daughter
    from wanting to defend her, she should thank her daughter for the
    love and trust she’s displaying, but ask her to let her (Pebbles) handle her business-affairs. A lot of heartache and money is at the root of this dilemma.

  7. you didnt even read the article lol

  8. They made enough money to share. Why were they so brutally robbed?

  9. It's called greed.

  10. Rihanna didn't listen to that song while she was in Barbados.

  11. Sirs;

    For any of us who have followed the music scene, including the periods during the singing career of Pebbles, we remember exactly how cut throat she was, and still appears to be. The sharecropper contract she signed with the new teenage TLC. Unfortunately, far to many males and FEMALES choose a ministerial position to hide behind. When we truly begin to understand that present day people, just as slave owners did, used scriptures to justify their sins.
    For me, having realized early how poisonous Pebbles was and apparently is, she, as many others are the “look, but don’t touch humans”. People like this one, can never bear the intense light of honest daylight.
    But our father God will give her his final judgement.

    God bless us all.
    Your Computer Newspaper..Arthur Jones..Editor..arthurj877@cableone.net (FREEPRESS)

  12. I just hate the way they treated Left Eye. I mean, why did Chilli answer for her? When Left Eye was asked about getting or being married. When Left Eye (Lisa Lopes) died, the other two thought were going to do better without her, but syke. Now, they are talking about Lil Mama not being good enough. Lisa may not have been perfect, but neither are they.

    As far as comparing TLC to today's artist, you cannot, that was a different time and place, where more back then wore more clothes and respected themselves.

  13. Amen!

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