Don Lemon Gets Nasty with the Republican Party

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In Lemon’s latest commentary on the Tom Joyner Morning show, he expressed his feelings about the Republican Party and the Million Vet March. He told the participants to stop “drinking the Obama hater-aid.” Lemon called some of the recent behavior embarrassing. He was referring to Tea Party members calling the President Muslim and telling him to “take is hand off the Quran and come out with his hands up.” He went on to say what was also embarrassing was the fact that people showed up at the white house with their confederate flags and vandalizing federal property by ripping up barricades.

Lemon went on to say he believes that the GOP is defending these rambunctious protesters because the Republican Party is in trouble. He stated that If they “don’t wake up soon” that the party is “doomed.” The CNN reporter said that he feels the GOP needs a major makeover. He said the party can’t grow any further because they refuse to transition as a society. He feels the party is only concerned with stopping the president and not with embracing “the winds of change sweeping through our country.” He made the explosive comment that he feels “there will never be another Republican President in our generation or even in our lifetime.”

Don Lemon is known for being upfront and bold about the current issues plaguing America. He expressed that he believes the Republican Party is dominated by older white Americans and extremely loud mouth bιgots. He said these people do not represent the constantly changing demographics of America. He said even intelligent thinking republican party members can see it is not the president’s fault that veterans can’t visit the World War 2 memorials. He ended his discussion with: “Republican Party, wake up before it’s too late.”

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  1. I totally agree!

  2. I agree with Lemon on the GOP; anyhow, I woke up to the excellent news that the shutdown is now over, and Obama’s reforms are STILL the law of the land.

  3. The new argument from the republicans will be a rise in the cost, I just want to comment that at least for the past 5 years, my healthcare insurance has increased any where from 7 to 10% each year. So if the ACA has a rise in either premiums or deductibles, don’t everybody start screaming. If your healthcare increases every year because the insurer claims cost went up. I hope people will give consideration to the ACA because of it’s meaningful task of insuring the masses without exception. It may cost more. They may find a way to off-set the cost increases. I hope we all will just give it a chance and don’t drink the republican Kool-Aid.

  4. Well, I agree with Mr. Lemon on that one.

  5. Don Lemon is one of those guys who is not afraid too speak his mind and say what the real problem is and the real problem is the President was never excepted as the President of these United States because of he is black I’ve never seen a President that has been so disrespected as Mr. Obama has and until a white man occupy the White House again this hatred l for Mr. Obama will continue and everything he atemp too do will be blocked no matter if is for the good of the country.

  6. That is so true about older White males not accepting the fact that our president is Black and intelligent! Most of these White farts drank the Kool-Aid of their parents thinking Blacks were dumb and animals instead of humans like themselves. The only thing I can tell them is wake up old farts, it is a brand new day and it is what it is! The disrespect this president has had to tolerate makes no sense, the names he has been called only shows that the USA is behind in more things besides education! The tea party truly sent an idiot from Texas to represent them, Cruz needs a big foot up the crack of his rear end! White folks a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

  7. On this one I have to say Don Lemon is 100 percent correct.

  8. I also AGREE with Don Lemon~ I don't care what anyone says the reason they shade President OBAMA is because he's a man of COLOR!! Nobody shaded the BUSHES WHEN THEY FUCKED UP THE COUNTRY WITH BULLSHIT & WARS

  9. Yes bigots, and when people show you who they are… believe them. Time waits for no one. It's all about change.

  10. Go 'head, Don! Tell it!

  11. The new word for Republicans is KKK, and the new word for KKK is Republicans, either way they're a bunch of idiots and Boehner is a complete LUNATIC!

  12. Much respect to Don Lemon.

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