DISTURBING: Grown Man Has Underage Girls Twerking in YouTube Video

Hut Hut-Football Twerk Song

by:  John “Hennry” Harris

A recent YouTube video called “Hut Hut-Football Twerk Song” by Monsta with da Fade has the blogosphere and social media-lites calling ‘foul’ for featuring several young girls twerking.

The video supporting the song would have been bad enough if he had legal-age women twerking, but what is extremely disturbing is the fact that the video highlights more than a dozen young, African-American girls wearing tights, or leggings, with football jerseys on, and Monsta pushing them looking like a Twerk Drill Sergeant.

Many of the girls in the video appear to be under the age of 12.  As a man, it is very disturbing to see such young girls moving their bodies and being in positions like the ones displayed in the video.  The leggings/tights that the young girls are wearing repeatedly reveal that the young girls are not wearing any underclothes while popping, pulsating and gyrαting for the camera.

The video has caught the attention of Sil Lai Abrams, founder of Truth in Reality, an organization whose mission is to change the way our Black women are portrayed in the media, particularly reality television.  Truth in Reality points out that what is particularly disturbing is the fact the young girls think what they are doing is fun.  In some clips even feature older women, whom I presume to be their Mothers, and they do not understand that their young daughters are being objectified sεxually and potential emotional, psychological damage is being done.

“All I’m thinking about is those girl’s mothers,” Abrams told NewsOne in an interview. “Where are their fathers? Where are the caregivers? Occasionally, you see stories of people on social media plying their children, their infants with alcohol for their entertainment. It’s the same kind of damage that is being done to our young girls and it’s not entertaining at all.”

Monsta has put up a five-minute YouTube video of him combatting the negative reactions to his video, but ironically, feels like a warning to parents that if you aren’t watching your kids, someone is!

“I never put my hand on a kid, but kids love me,” he said during the video.” “Why? I’m out there coaching your kids while you can’t come out and watch me coach your kids. Why yo kids running the streets 9, 10 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock getting shot in the head trying to break into people’s houses?”

Really?!  What is he COACHING our young girls to be?  Twerkers and pole stars?  Are parents allowing such exploitation of our youth to happen just so their ‘baby’ can be in a video or on television?

People must realize we must be aware of what we are letting our youth see and listen to, along with ourselves, because what we ‘ingest’ is shown to the world in our actions, speech and social interactions.

Yes …. it is that serious.

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  1. Peter D. Slaughter at 2:21 am

    It’s real ironic how so many black people are up in arms over this coonery,coonism called twerking,butt,butt rolling stuff.
    These same people sure did not think of this when tyler perry and his dumb coon act of medea was doing the same twisted stuff.
    Black people are to blind to see that the white owned media has tricked and bambozzled many black’s to watch and endorse this type of updated coonery trash

    • David Jones at 10:39 am

      You’re a damn idiot….obviously you didn’t watch the video to make that stupid comment. I suggest people watch the video to avoid listening to people like this fool. The guy who produced this video should be in jail as a sexual predator for exploiting those little black girls.

  2. David Jones at 3:05 pm

    I have seen a lot of disturbing things when it comes to exploiting black kids, but after watching the video this rank at the top. The community should rise up and have this sexual predator prosecuted under a sex crime law. I'm sure he didn't have the sense to require those little girls parents to sign a consent form to be in that video–so send this bootleg wanna be pimp to jail for abusing those innocent little black girls.

  3. Ann G. at 12:55 pm

    Black men your minds are a terrible thing to waste! This clown needs to educate his mind and earn himself some class! Where are the parents of these children, they are allowing their children to be exploited by a grown ass man! If you don’t want to be parents stop shitting kids out like you are working for GM on their assembly line!

  4. Chantaey Renee' Diallo at 6:49 pm

    As for the man writing the article, you should not even have ventured into taking guesses and visually determining whether or not underwear was being worn by the girls as you are also inappropriate to invite further scrutiny against the girls private parts and it is not something you can really know one way or the other. True about that consent form like any other extracurricular(in this case exxtracurricular) activities that children do. He mostly watched their bodies from behind, face all up on them. We have all been girls that did dances like that as kids and we know, for the younger ones, at least, it is fun and not intended to be provocative. I know the older girls probably watched him closely but were too tempted by the opportunity to do much else. But it's generally not girls robbing houses and getting shot, so with black boys needing so much guidance and male parental figures like he obviously noticed, he would do best to deal with them. I don't think he could be trusted with boys either the way he is somewhat threatening parents like a predator mindset would. I hope he is arrested for anything soon. With his mind in defense mode instead of being apologetic and drawing back from even the appearance of evil, he is obviously toward a reprobate mind and no longer has a conscience to recognize boundaries or decency and defiantly so.

  5. ARNEADER at 11:08 pm

    I saw the video it was AWFUL! I always blame the parents…you should know what, where and why your children…doing, are, are your children misbehaving badly.

  6. Devon at 1:21 am

    The dude was WRONG for this BUT Black women are ALWAYS BRAGGING about their azzes and bodies, how black women have the best bodies and azzes. Black women were TRIPPIN!! when brothas were drooling over Kim Kardashians’ azz, talking nonsense about she and other women who aren’t black were trying to imitate us, being too ignorant to understand that Kim K is not white, she is Armenian, and that Armenian women, Italian women, Hispanic women, and Latinas are all known for their curves. The average black woman cannot even take a photo without showing their ass in it, and twerking is out of control. We are always crying about not being respected by black men and society in general, but we’re twerking and making our azzes clap in the frozen foods section of grocery stores, libraries, hospitals and cemeteries. WE need to DECIDE, do we want to be known by the size of our azzes and the tricks we can do with it OR do we want to be known by our intelligence, intellect, elegance, class and level of sophistication? I made my choice it’s the latter now you liadies make YOUR decision, I don’t like us being the laughing stock and sexual fodder for the masses.

    • Bria Stelly at 11:09 am

      Hey Devon I usually don’t reply to someone’s comment I’d just leave my own. Seeing how passionate u are I decided to give u these words for u to consider. I wanted to point out to you that most things reported that actually make the news on African American’s are negative things. I am a firm believer of the saying “don’t believe the hype” simply b/c the news media reports it, that doesn’t make it true. So much emphases is placed on race in stories like this as if it only goes on in our community. Where it has even our people blast each other publicly, tearing down, belittling one another as a whole. As the negative is constantly reported on the black community, in that same breath we need to know within ourselves & acknowledge that the majority of the 13.8% population that we Black Americans make up here are decent, productive, responsible God fearing citizens that handle our business regularly & on a daily. Do your own independant research, something I did initially as a simple fact finding project on a subject matter I had doubts on. What I discovered in regards to the methods used to get results the information, who & where it came from was shocking, not accurate & misleading. I’m not justifying the actions our folks & how we can & did act a damn fool. The adults here clearly didn’t see anything wrong with what was going on at the time it was taking place. This type of perversion, with pedafiles, child molestors is a sick behavior & lust that plague’s many & it certainly has no respect persons. It is alive & well among a large number of people of all races.

  7. Devon at 1:31 am

    @ Michael Poke, yeah yall have been falling down on the job but understand this, some of you need some dyck control because some of you will f**k anything old ratchet piece of black woman, make babies with these chicks knowing damn well you don’t want to raise a damn flag with them let alone marry them and raise kids with them. Some of you know these chicks you’re sticking aren’t women you want for love, marriage and children. What happened to “first comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE, then comes the MARRIED COUPLE with the BABY CARRIAGE, why does our community keep pulling the cart before the damn horse? And maybe black men need to tone down this obsession with big asses, because the little girls are watching and listening to you all act a damn fool over every black woman with a big ole’ azz. Black girls see this and want to be wanted and will try to emulate what you all want. So it’s more than just stepping up and being fathers, it’s about the idea you all put into the black female’s head that she’s not “worthy” unless she’s got azz.

  8. Devon at 1:36 am

    Ann G you need to toss some of that blame at black women too, black women all on youtube twerking in front of their girl children and boy children too. Some black women are just as guilty of sexualizing girls as the men are. Now we got overly emotional, feminized black boys and young black men twerking and shaking their thang like females. Black boys becoming as feminine as black girls.

  9. David Jones at 6:15 pm

    I assume you didn't watch the video for that asinine statement. Did you twerk at 8 years old for a grown ass man in a video without the approval of your parents? See my point and how stupid your sound.

  10. Mo Gumbs at 9:59 pm

    I swear..shit hope he isn't the parent and where is their parents, problem with stuff like this is all black folks get casted as the same. Honey boo boo type isn't a reflection of all whites!!!

  11. David Jones at 1:48 am

    I assume you didn't watch the video for that asinine statement. Did you twerk at 8 years old for a grown ass man in a video without the approval of your parents? See how stupid it sounds when I say it. If those girls in the video were white, that Negro would get the electric chair. Wake up and uplift all black girls with pride and dignity. Peace…

  12. bebe at 12:59 am

    People need to stop being racist I’m tired of people thinking it about black that do stupid stuff. Everybody made mistakes. That dude need to be arrested looking at them young girls that is foul.

  13. Andrea Bailey at 9:33 am

    I thought I was the only one offended by that video. For years I did not have cable because I thought the dances were too suggestive for my children to view. The promotion of the video vixen were not an healthy role model for my daughters and the rapper with their demeaning and demoralising words were not the things I wanted my sobs to learn. Then I see this video! I feel justified in sheltering my children for as long as possible. And knowing where my children are and who they are with. Those parents who allowed their daughters need to think long and hard about what future they are raising their daughters to acquire. SMDH

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