Denzel Washington Donates $1 Million To Save African’s Children

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Denzel Washington

By: Britt L

Not only is he arguably the most respected black actor of all time, he’s also a budding philanthropist.

Actor, producer and director Denzel Washington has won hearts once again after donating $1 million to a non-profit organization that helps children and orphans affected by HIV/AIDS throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Founded in 2001 by Bishop Charles E. Blake, the L.A.-based charity, Save Africa’s Children will now be able to expand their research of AIDS and poverty. The program also looks forward to lending a helping hand to feeding programs, schools and day care centers.

On a colorful page featured on Save Africa’s Children’s website, the charity says their official mission is to “provide direct support and care for orphans and vulnerable children affected by AIDS, poverty and war throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and Caribbean.”

The website also reveals that the charity partners with churches, individuals, grassroots organizations and government and corporate sectors in order to build a diverse and dynamic movement that could possibly restore the future for many African children.

Denzel’s philanthropy rap sheet includes his work with Project Angel Food, the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation.

Washington and his wife of 30 years, Paulleta Washington, also run their own scholarship program titled, Pauletta and Denzel Washington Family Gifted Scholars Program In Neuroscience. The scholarship was created to help students who wanted to pursue a career in neuroscience, pay for college.

To learn more about the remarkable charity, click here.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Washington.

  2. Mr Washington was absolutely phenomenal

  3. Here Here!

  4. 1.000.000 is going to save African children. How many band-aids can you put on a wound that wont heal by just covering it up; even with green-back band-aids?

  5. That demonstrates class in my opinion, unlike Tyler Perry donating a million to another millionaire T.D. Jake, Mr. Washington donated to help untold numbers of children, and not flashy rich bible-thumping bishops.

  6. This is great! I hope other wealthy Black people are doing the same. We as ordinary citizens can give as well.

  7. It's going to help , idiot.

  8. That’s nice, really nice. Always wondered why he and all those that has gone by the way of New Federal Theatre doesn’t help New Federal get a theatre. More people would be helped so that others can do what he has done…

    No, New Federsl Theatre doesn’t have a theatre.

  9. I applaud those who give back and very grateful for those that do but why is it they can't help those in need here in America, there are so many people especially children who are suffering and need the resources here.

  10. Thank you Denzel for what you are doing for people who suffer from war, unhealthy conditions and unclean water. Your money will help a child have a cup of healthy clean water.

    As far as helping American children, we have clean water, help with AIDS/HIV treatment, free schools, low income housing and do we appreciate that as Americans. Help those that you know need the basic things in life, food, clothing and shelter.

    What you are doing there we already have here in the US. We just need to use them. If you are a person who is working in the US are you giving any volunteer hours in your community. Do somethings for yourself.
    We should not be telling other people what to do with their money.

  11. Unfortunately this type of philanthropy will not help cause at all. We are still dealing with symptoms as oppose to the root cause of dis-eases. Donating money to impoverishment, Aids/HIV, cancer, diabetes etc. will not stop the precipitations of poverty and disease worldwide because you are still dealing with symptoms. Aids/cancer/diabetes and every other dis-ease has already been cured for decades now. AIDS is a hoax and is not what most people think, AIDS only exists in peoples mind orchestrated by media propaganda for a finacial incentive meanwhile commiting mass-genocide so as to reduce the population. AIDS does not kill people, it's the AZT coupled with false admonishments that is killing people. People are dying from the nocebo effect not AIDS. People are dying fro ARC (AIDS RELATED CONDITIONS) not AIDS. No one ever dies of AIDS they die of a weakened immune system that is compromised by foreign pathogenic bacteria such as yeast, fungus, and parasites. Parasites, yeats and fungus in the root cause of disease which is accumulated through insalubrious diet and lifestyle via unhealthy foods which weakens your immune system. Most of the AIDS test is based on a false pretense and people are misdiagnosed all the time particularly black people because of a certain antigen (protein) in our genetic wiring. 100's of Doctors and health practitioners been curing AIDS and every other dis-ease for a very long time now. No matter how much walkathons, marathons and donatations we put up it will not solve the root cause of the dis-ease/pathology. You have to go to the root of the dis-ease (etiologically) in order to heal/cure a disease and donating money will only treat the symptoms. Treating the symptoms gets us no where people! It only benefits mega-conglomerate corporations who have a financial incentive in profiting off of AIDS and all alleged diseases. We have to start reeducating ourselves about the truth of, health, government, disease and its origins if we really want to truly eliminate poverty and diseases. We live in a world where parasites has compromised the whole entire planet which in return is precipitating these conditions and situations we face today as humanity via third world countries, impoverishment, and alleged diseases. These same corporations are the ones who invented AIDS and is raping the people of Africa under the banner of philanthropism. They are only fattening their pockets while they emaciate and murder the entire planet of their resource and wealth. These fronts are just that, its a facade and ppl need to wake the fuck up before its too late!!!

  12. THANKYOU and why cant I share this

  13. I am African, born and bred. But this gesture will go to where it is intended but the pockets of Africa big shots. This is how they accumulate their riches. If Denzel thinks I am lying. Let him give it a year or two then followup to see how the money was used. Ok, take a seat Denzel, watch them speak our languages to come up with a story how the money was used. Oops, no paper work either.

  14. Great. Use an oversight committee.

  15. u r right im an african too, ghanaian, and yes thats what they will do

  16. ur government gotta do that, ur government is draining africa of resources dats why he is helping africa, so ur US gov gotta take care of its ppl and stop using the money on arms,

  17. Sadly, Obed I have always thought this would happen and as a result, I don't donate to the cause I feel most urgent about… Africa! Short of going there and actually feeding people or providing medicine, how can we be sure they get the help needed? Don't hate on Denzel. Hate on those people in their government who stop their citizens from getting help.

  18. Mary, I'm with you on your post. Peace

  19. US Government is draining Africa and there is no questioning that. Our government is not suppose to take care of us, but make legislations to help us combat economic inequalities and racism, which will allow us to take care of ourselves.

  20. Robert Lewis true, mary gotta stop saying he gotta help ppl suffering in US instead of Africa. us gets over a 500 billion from africa every year.. thru tricks and cheats .. u should sit and question why he gave to africa and not US.

  21. He's probably trying to give back what amerikka and every other country is doing to the Motherland. Kids in amerikkka need help and aren't being helped by the people that were made famous and wealthy through Black People investing in their careers. She did not say "instead Of". Helping Africa is a great thing, but home must be taken care of also. Peace

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