Adrian Peterson’s Child’s Mother Says He has Seven Kids, Not Five

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The once tragic Adrian Peterson news has taken a ratchet and surprising turn. Since suffering the death of his son last week, some surprising news has come out about the NFL star. Not too long after the child’s death news broke that the NFL star did not know his deceased son. In fact, the first time he ever met the child was visiting him in the hospital on life support. It was reported that Peterson has just found out about the child a few days before the tragic incident and did not have a chance to meet him.

According to recent statements by one of the mothers of his children, Adrian Peterson has 3 other kids that we know about and apparently four other secret children.  One woman that he met at a high class hangout lounge claimed to have a baby for him.  The child’s birth certificate has the words “Peterson” written in the area where the father is announced.

He has another secret child with a former exotic dancer named Erica Sylon. The two have a 4 year-old boy together. Although the couple is no longer dating and Sylon is the predominate parent, the football player is still paying for the boy’s living expenses and spending time with him.

The case became even stranger when one more women came out alleging that she also has a child with Peterson. She’s backing up the story that he has seven kids and not  just five. Former dancer Erica Syion called TMZ to inform them that the number for how many children he had was a bit higher than what the public has been led to believe. When Syion was asked about the football player’s parenting skills, she said that he pays his child support always on time and upfront. She did throw in that he could try to spend more time with his kids.


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