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October 16, 2013

Actor Donald Glover Scares His Loved Ones with Instagram Post

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Comedian Donald Glover found his breakout role in the NBC comedy “Community”, a show based on the strange on goings at a community college. Glover has had a highly successful career where he acted as a writer for the extremely popular show “30 Rock.” He went on to build a big resume of writing for films, albums, TV shows and mix tapes. He even released the first track of his…

Don Lemon Gets Nasty with the Republican Party

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In Lemon’s latest commentary on the Tom Joyner Morning show, he expressed his feelings about the Republican Party and the Million Vet March. He told the participants to stop “drinking the Obama hater-aid.” Lemon called some of the recent behavior embarrassing. He was referring to Tea Party members calling the President Muslim and telling him to “take is hand off the Quran and come out with his hands up.” He…

DISTURBING: Grown Man Has Underage Girls Twerking in YouTube Video

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by:  John “Hennry” Harris A recent YouTube video called “Hut Hut-Football Twerk Song” by Monsta with da Fade has the blogosphere and social media-lites calling ‘foul’ for featuring several young girls twerking. The video supporting the song would have been bad enough if he had legal-age women twerking, but what is extremely disturbing is the fact that the video highlights more than a dozen young, African-American girls wearing tights, or leggings, with football jerseys…

NFL Star Adrian Peterson is Found to Have Yet Another Child Out of Wedlock

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Adrian Peterson’s life has just gotten more and more complicated since the death of his two-year old son.  Right after being the MVP for the NFL, Peterson is being exposed as a man who doesn’t keep up with all the kids he keeps having. According to TMZ, Peterson is the father of a three-month old girl born to a woman who works as a waitress in Indianapolis.   This is yet…