Wendy Williams Has No Kind Words for Chris Brown for Calling Out Jay-Z

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The way others might tell it, Wendy Williams is the last person to criticize anyone involved in violent relationships.  There have long been stories about her husband Kevin being as abusive as they come.  But then again, everyone has an opinion, and Wendy is no exception.  The diva had a few things to say about Chris Brown, who was using Jay-Z’s past as a way to get over his own.  But maybe Chris needs to focus on being a better person and stop forcing others to be accountable for his actions. 

Wendy Williams chewed Chris Brown up on her morning talk show after the R&B star claimed Jay Z was one of the few black artists who gets a pass from “white America” despite Jay Z’s less than perfect past.

Wendy has always been the host who tells it like it is and when Chris Brown was the topic of discussion, things were no different.

While some people shy away from dissing Breezy because they’d rather not deal with his psychotic fans or Twitter wars, Wendy took some major shots at Chris and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran before daring him and Team Breezy to even try to get her involved in a social media spat.

It all started when Chris Brown sat down with Jet Magazine and claimed racism is to blame for his poor portrayal in the media.



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  1. Why is Chris Brown even a subject. This little brat from Virginia, is a spoiled little punk whose fan would protect him if he shot the President of the USA. I have never seen a bunch of stupid little girls who would protect a singer at any cost. I wish he would just move to China or some place, I am so sick of his media wh@re antics.

  2. Wendy Williams has some race identity problems of her own. If she thinks that Joe Gorga is the best looking "husband" in the series and don't see Apollo.

  3. I don't too much care for Wendy. I honestly thought she was a man in a dress…doing her show in drag. Chris Brown is a kid a and though some may not like his antics..it's clearly not stopping him from making could music and alot of money.

  4. Chris hasn’t done anymore than any other artist. He and Rhianna were both young kids making mistakes along the way. She got a pass and he didn’t. He can’t seem to make a move unless someone has a criticism of him. Personally, I hold her just as responsible as I hold him. She made a choice and there are consequence with every decision we make. I have never condoned hurting anyone, but I do know we each make choices and we can get out, especially when you have the finances that someone like Rhianna has. The people who seem to be doing all the talking about this young man, need to get a life. If their life is so perfect then they can give advice, but I seriously doubt Wendy Williams is in that catergory. Remember she makes her money stiring up gossip about people. I can’t wait for someone to do the same to her. And as for Jay Z, I haven’t seen anything yet he’s done that worth talking about. He like to be seen so he has not room to give advice also. The he money spent remodeling the hospital room when his daughter was born could have been better spent donating supplies to a school or shelter or some other organization that works in the community. Now that was foolish behavior, especially from such big rap star, but no one talks about that. I’ll think about taking some advice from Wendy Williams and Jay Z when I see the difference they “try” to make in a community, not with their mouth, but with their finances.

  5. Wow, she called him a “junkie”….! Oh it’s on now. He’s on probation too, he can’t be using drugs. I see she and Chris aren’t fond of each other? Really? 🙂 × 🙂 = 😛

  6. Chris brown need therapy point blank.. Wendy!!!!I love you.. You always speak your mind

  7. Yawn n boo hoo. CHRIS get a life n grow up.

  8. how can wendy williams talk about anybody while she kissing those jewish people asses just to have a show!

  9. I ain't riding with Wendy, but that equal ain't no damn kid no more. Racism does exist and used aagainst him but it's his actions as well, got to own that

  10. Hes a young adult who have made mistakes like anyone else would,I understand how he feel no ones perfect.People need to look at your own skeletons

  11. I used to watch her show until I realized she was using her platform to bully and bad mouth people, I unsubscribed from getting her emails and let them know why, haven’t watched a show since. She had a problem with drugs so she should be more sensitive to people with similar situations. She also needs to realize she is one opinion from losing it all.Tread lightly Wendy Williams

  12. This woman is a trip! What goes around, comes around!

  13. Fuck Wendy Williams she looks like a fucking drag queen she needs to hop off Chris Brown Dick she just mad cause he got real balls

  14. Wendy Williams is full of shit!!! There are white entertainers and so-called celebrities that have done way worse things than CB but she's not talking negative about them at all!! Yes CB is responsible for his actions but call out everyone who's made mistakes not just CB!!…By the way has Wendy's husband stop putting his foot in her ass yet????

  15. Have we all forgotten Wendy had a drug problem in the past??

  16. Why does anyone really care about the most manly looking straight woman on televison has to say about anything anyway?

  17. Wendy has no room to attack Chris Do she remember she outed Jay and his son he had a friend to sign the Birth Certificate to hide it from Beyonce.

  18. To hell with Wendy Williams…………….who gives a rat's ass what she thinks. Tackle some real issues black woman……..! Talle about gang bangers killing babies and such.

  19. that tranny is always talking to much

  20. All brothas stick together…..lol. Wendy and Jay-Z..I mean Jay-P.

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