USTA Security Executive Allegedly Referred to Blacks as N*ggers and “Worthless Scumsuckers”

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Scott Dennison

Scott Dennison is a sad reminder that racism is alive and well in the workplace.  The Vice President of Special Events for Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) has been busted for a series of racist emails that were published in the New York Post.

Apparently, the executive regularly referred to African Americans as the N-word, and also as “worthless scumsuckers”

During the US Open, he allegedly sent out this email:

“No African Americans please only limited quantities that have brains and can actually do a day’s work.”

Here is another jewel of an email he sent out:

“If he likes what he sees he will fly the Dog to Denver. There he will do a great deal of bite work, off leash training and some n—-r eating exercises,”

He also sent out this email mocking a black person applying for a job with security.

“Yu sez brothurz, Mr. Gon allows the black man to be superior we run the place cuz we needs the money and Obama and Rev Sharpton allowed us to mix with the White Crackers at this event,” he said. “Come on down we can cheat, steal, eat food and sleep. Just like our new govt allows us to do, to get back at the white man for Slavery.”

Given Dennison’s strong relationships with the US Tennis Association, the organization is obviously concerned. Looks like he won’t be providing security for them anymore.




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