Univ. of Alabama Sororities Invite Black Students to Try to End their Racism

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Leave it to The University of Alabama to try to do something in 2013 that should have happened in 1973.  The sororities on campus received a lot of negative publicity after it was revealed that they don’t want black girls to even apply for admission.  Well, after the major backlash took place, the sororities now feel that adding a few black faces will make everything a-ok. 

But here’s a better question:  Why would black people want to join these organizations anyway?  They’re not fighting to join back organizations.  Maybe these black students who are offended need learn to love themselves.   Read on: 


After a week of withering nationwide condemnation of the discriminatory practices of the University of Alabama’s white sororities, the university’s president announced yesterday that the segregated sororities have extended invitations to 11 black students, four of whom have accepted.

“I am confident that we will achieve our objective of a Greek system that is inclusive, accessible and welcoming to students of all races and ethnicities,”  university President Judy Bonner said in a video statement. “We will not tolerate anything less.”

The president’s statement came on a day when hundreds of Alabama students, mostly white, and faculty staged a demonstration demanding an end to segregation in the sororities and fraternities. The demonstration comes 50 years after Gov. George Wallace physically attempted to block the enrollment of African-American students at the university by standing at the entrance to a school building.


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  1. HELL NO!!!! NO SELLOUT!!!!!!!

  2. Soooo The AKA's Delta's Zeta's and S G Rho's aren't good enough anymore ?????…..we have out own don't need them

  3. Something can not be forced and I wonder is their any white girls in the black sororities and if not that is racism also.

  4. Why would they want to be part of an organization that doesn't want them???? The only reason they are extending the invitation is because of all the negative attention they are receiving. It's not these students jobs to teach their members how to end racism. Just sad….

  5. I wonder what low self esteem ass holes actually accepted the invite. A couple of dumb coons I bet

  6. There are DEFINITELY non-blacks in the black greek organizations. I've seen white girls, Asian girls, East Indians, Latinas …..same for the guys too so ….there goes the "black people are racist too" misnomer.

  7. Who wants to join a group who never wanted you for decades? Not Moi?

  8. Yes there are many white women in A/A sororities for decades. We are not so racist, we want educated women who will work to make our communities better for all races. All HBCU accept any students who are qualified.

  9. how will racism ever be eliminated if u keep hanging on to old injuries? Sounds like they are trying to right the wrong.

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